Monday, November 1, 2010

Weigh in #4

Well this week has been hectic.  I was all worried yesterday that I didn't loose any weight.  The past weeks I felt my weight loss, this week I didn't.  I realized I ate what I.  I put in the workouts - hopefully it will pay off it's ok if it doesn't pay off in numbers this week because eventually it will and I will continue to get healthier.  As my body is getting used to this "stuff" called exercise and getting used to the nutritious foods I'm putting in my body.   I am no longer feeling like greasy pizza or high calorie fast food.  It's one more week where I'm just plugging along in this journey.  I feel better physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

When I weigh in I way here at my house and at the doctors office as well just so I know this scale is working correctly.  Because I'm bigger and have a large stomach I weigh backwards at the doctors office.  I stand on the scale backwards.  If I don't my belly won't allow me to stand in the correct position on the scale so I can get the proper weight.  I one day will be able to way on the scale looking at the numbers.  I can't wait for that.   Today when I weighed in the nurse said go ahead turn around, I looked an seen "309 lbs"  That's another 3 lb weight loss.  I mean !!!!!!!!!

Starting weight               338 lbs
Last weeks weight         312 lbs
Today's weight              309 lbs
This week weight loss       3 lbs
Total weight loss             29 lbs

Positives for the week
I lost 3 lbs!!!
I have come to realize who this journey is about and who I need to please
My family is more and more willing to change with me!
Looking for a gym sponsorship will see what happens with that
Able to get up out of chair easier, walk smoother, and feel as though there's a bounce in my step!
Amongst all this I'm getting healthier

Negatives for the week
Still dealing with the right back of my heel blister

Truly amazing how the positives outweigh the negatives


  1. once again you have showed me what a strong person you have always been, but is really showing now. i'm so proud of you and your choices and i will always be here for you.
    love mom

  2. Carolyn. You're not only changing physically; there is something happening in your spirit. I am really seeing a transformation and I praise God for it.

  3. Great job! You will be in the 200 club before you know it. You inspire me with your posts, keep it up.


  4. Way to go Carolyn!! I cannot believe the difference everytime I see you!!! I am so proud of you! :) Keep up the GREAT work!! Prayin' for you!!!