Thursday, November 18, 2010

Starting at New York Sport & Fitness

I have been exercising at home or walking around at different places.  I think it's definitely time to do more.  I'm going to be working out and learning a whole lot more at New York Sport & Fitness.  What a big step going to a gym for someone who's really never done that sort of thing.  I'm hoping after a month I will love it and begin to crave being there.  I know that this will help me as I will build muscle and burn fat.  I can't wait to see the proof.

If your trying to change your life and you come to a stand still, don't figure it isn't working.  Think I guess I need to cut back a little bit on the calories and/or step up the exercise.  If your not sure all you have to do is take NYS&F up on there offer of a free trial membership.  They have trainers who get you accustomed to the machines.  They also have many different classes they offer. 

I can't believe how convenient it was.  They have a daycare, juice bar, 4 different TVs you can choose from to watch and listen to.  The machines are very easy to understand since I have never been inside a gym.  My trainer was great on showing me how to use them and very encouraging.  They have a sheet for you that lists your machines weight your lifting, seat position, and how many reps.  It was rather easier and I wondered why I hadn't done this before.  I did find muscles however I never knew existed.  They were very consciences about making sure I was comfortable with my back problems. 

Click here to see NYS&F !!!!!

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