Sunday, November 7, 2010

30 Days of my life change!!!

I can't belive it this is the longest I've stayed on a "diet" or life change.  That's the reason it's a life change.  I'm not restricing my calories to low, now getting rid of all my favorite meals, and I have learned how to cook and know what a healthy balanced meal is.  I'm enjoying this change!  It's not easy but It's not hard either.   It is so worth the results.  I prep our food and snacks in advance.  I usually prepackage, cut,  and weigh out as much food as I can when I'm sitting and watching a program in the evening.  So it's not taking up anymore of my free time.  It's not as expensive as you would think.  When you are eating a balanced meal with proper portion sizes and eating 6 times a day the amount of food you consume is much smaller than the amount you do when you over eat at regular meals.  Along with the over eating not only do your pockets pay but your healthy and body do as well.  I have alot of people who matter to me who are here supporting and encouraging me.  I appreciate what everyone has done for me.  Fawn educating me on proper nutrition, reading labels, starting me on an exercise program, taking my emails, texts, phone calls, and being one branch of my support.  My church family for encouraging me and helping me to promote a healthier church family.  For those of my family that do support me Thanks so much for all you have done.  I know you all have done alot but I'm gonna ask you to continue to do so through my entire journey.  I have alot of weight too loose, more time to put in to making my body physically fit, and more growth to help me emotionally spiritually and to enforce the mindset of this healthly change for the rest of my life.  I weigh in in 1 days.  Currently in 30 days I have lost 29 lbs + for this week.   Thats approximately a pound a day.  I'm so thankful for the blessings of my life. 


  1. Carolyn Congratulations! I'm proud of your accomplishment. Yes it can at times be hard, but the end result is a healthier lifestyle, Priceless! Keep it up, I'm cheering ya on!! =)

  2. Wow Carolyn. I am amazed at what's going on with you. Your name came up several times in class this morning--so positive. You are touching so many lives.