Friday, November 12, 2010

Anyone of you have a healthy suggestion out there?

As we are approaching thanksgiving I'm thinking about the foods I used to eat.  On most of the foods I just changed how I make them or what I put in them.  There's one that's stumping me.  I love turkey sandwiches after thanksgiving.  My hubby used to make me about 3 or 4 at a time.  Made using white bread, a healthy dose of miracle whip, and even more salt.  Plus the turkey.  I think sometimes I could have just age miracle whip and salt sandwiches.  This ear for my lunch I will be having one sandwich on whole wheat bread with 4 ounces of turkey and no salt.  What has stumped me is what to put on it.  I don't think mustard would taste right.  I'm doing no butter and no "mayo" type anything.  I thought for flavor I would roast a pepper and used that.  It would also provide some moisture.  What do you guys think?  What type of things do you eat on your turkey sandwich?  Maybe it will help me come up with an idea. 

I would have posted earlier but I'm getting things ready for our church harvest dinner on Saturday.  Also the next day we are having my husbands thanksgiving.  We are having it early so we make sure everyone can be there.  I will post some pics and videos that  make this coming weekend.  Anyone is welcome to a healthy version of the recipes.  Please ask!!

Here's from me to you wishing you a Healthy!!! and Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. christine o'donnellNovember 12, 2010 at 3:50 PM

    natural bbq sauce is one of my favs. Can you have vegenaise?, they do make an organic option of vegenaise, i use it rarely for a mayo type fix. Just an idea, cause i'm not sure what about mayo you are trying to avoid, and if that would fall into the category.

  2. Laughing Cow makes all those little 35 calorie spreadable cheese wedges in quite a few flavors. I bet one of those would go a long way on a sandwich.

  3. I love home made, no sugar added cranberry sauce. Adds moisture, and a touch of sweet so I don't crave dessert. Since that is my week spot.