Friday, November 26, 2010

How sore is sore?

Well after my light and lively class at the gym I felt like I had a good intense workout that I wasn't used too.  My body ached real bad.  My things had tingling, burning, and stabbing pain at points.   That was however since I was up all night with black friday as well.  Since I came home and got some sleep my legs feel like I just had a workout is all.  Can't believe I'm that out of shape.  Sorry to say so, but I am.   Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and black friday. 


  1. Just got caught up with your last few days. I MUST get to Wegmans and get some of those sweet potatoes! And to think that a few months ago you didn't eat them and now you buy a case of them. That is GREAT! Love you girl. Keep on keeping on. You CAN do this.

  2. Walmart had them for 33 cents and I bought a bag full and it come out to be $1.29 so I went back and got more...I never thought to ask for a case of them...You are too smart!!!Hope you had fun on Black friday...I did not even go out. No money and just hurting (heart) to bad from working on mom's house...love you!!! So proud of you!