Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Emotional Recovery and physical exercise

After today's little upset, I'm back on the bike or the treadmill rather.  Emotionally I'm back on track.  I did a half our on the treadmill at the gym today.  Just love their treadmills you can program them for your age and weight so it tells you how many calories your burning.  It also inclines with the push of a button.  My treadmill is a manual thing and when you incline it - it is to inclined for me right now.  I tried it but I only made it 10 minutes. 

A new triumph!  I did my first aerobic class.  It was called light and lively.  It worked upper and lower body.  We used weights, small kids balls, stepper, and these horrid horrid band things.  We put them around our legs boy did it work my thighs.  That's a good thing - they really need it!!  Altogether I had a great experience.  There was woman of all sizes and ages in there.  They were a very welcoming group.  They encouraged me and told me to do what I could handle.  I tell you I went in there thinking it was going to be easy.  After all I had been working out now for  6 weeks.  It was a wake up call to how out of shape I am.  I have decided I can get to two of these a week.  I'm going to attempt a spinning class and see how that goes this coming week. 

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  1. Oh...I am so proud of myself...I figured this response out. I am so proud of you too and to call you a friend. I tell everyone about what you are doing and to follow you on FB. Keep it up and "don't let the bad guys get you down." Love you...