Wednesday, November 24, 2010

See... eating healthy isn't expensive

Well everyone says I can't afford to eat well and healthy.  My thought is yes you can.  First measure the portions - that helps to save money.  If you can grow a garden.  Next look in the weekly ads.  Find deals and plan your meals around the sales.  Look at my deal here.  Boy did I score. 

Normally for sweet potato in our area we pay $0.99/ lb.  They we're on sale this week for $0.29 a lb.  I went in to wegmans and asked for a case.  You wouldn't believe how pretty they looked.  Not ugly and pitted.  That's what you find around here.  It's hard to find good quality sweet potato. 


See Look you can eat healthy and watch the bottom line at the same time.  I challenge you too!  During this case of sweet potato I'm going to be trying some other recipes that I will post here for you.  Stay tuned!  If you have any recipes that I may try to make healthy send them my way!

Wow! Huh! You can make things economical.  I will be trying different recipes and will post them here for you.  Stay tuned

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