Sunday, November 14, 2010

My old plate and my new plate.......

As I said I used to pile up my plate at every meal I ate here's an example:

I would eat this plus a few rolls and some green bean casserole -then pie and cinnamon twists
I could also go back for seconds

This is what i ate for this year's Thanksgiving with my in laws
a teaspoon of butternut squash
1/3 cup whole wheat stuffing
1/3 cup sweet potato with horseradish
Green beans
4 oz turkey (white) I used to have dark with skin

I was content with my food.  It tasted great and I wasn't hungary anymore.  I had sweet potatoe and squash and didn't crave any apple crisp.  If you want something sweet or tangy you can get it right out of your healthy food.  You don't have to reach for unhealthy or less healthy options.  Your plate doesn't need to be loaded with food to enjoy your holiday with family. 

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