Saturday, November 20, 2010

Becoming free!

Well as everyone seen I have thoroughly cleaned out  my kitchen and got rid of less healthier items.  I promised myself I will not stockpile food.  I will not buy it if we don't need it.  Which in itself is a big step for me.  I have since decided to stop the hoarding and clean out the rest of my house.  I haven't gotten rid of one piece of clothing or toys since my youngest son was born.  I don't know why.  Ben my youngest has started sleeping in Mark's room.  In return we took and put my gym equipment in his room and made his room a exercise/game room.  I have passed on some of the toys and clothes to my brother-in-law Richard who's expecting a baby in march.  I have more bagged and in the  garage ready to go when they get room.  Our living room is overhauled and ready for the Christmas tree.  We have started on my mountain of backed up laundry.   I had several bags of papers and garbage that we no longer need or that aren't usable.  I'm feeling free.  I need to do my desk and paperwork area.  Then my bedroom.  Which will be tough as we use it to store upcoming Christmas gifts and birthday  presents.  I wish I had an organizational expert to help me get the right containers.  

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  1. I know how you feel. I always feel so liberated when I'm not surrounded by "stuff." You will be amazed at how different you feel--I think you already are. So glad to see you make all these positive changes in your life.