Monday, February 28, 2011

Weight in #20

As the weeks move on some say it's harder to loose weight because your body gets used to the calories, food, and exercise you do so that you have  some stand still time with the weight.  That doesn't mean that your body doesn't change.  Remember before when I didn't loose, I was still able to fit into jeans those weeks which was new for me than the weeks before.  It's truly not a number for me finally.  I wasn't upset, I didn't punish myself, and I just went on with my my day.  That's because I didn't loose any this week.  I do need to get some measurements and new pics up to show you all some other ways in which to change besides numbers.

Starting weight                             338 lbs
last week weight                           264lbs
this week weight                           264 lbs
weight loss this week                      0 lbs
Total weight loss                            74 lbs

Still on my way to health!!!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

AWWWWW.....Isn't it just so beautiful?

So.... At our church we have a birthday celebration to celebrate the birthdays of those months together.  We have had cupcakes, brownies, cookies, etc.    The past 2 months I have brought fruit platters.  The first month 1/4th of the people ate fruit.  This month over 3/4 of the people ate fruit.  Hardly any of the cupcakes were touched.  So alot of people thought that the cupcakes are no longer needed!!!! So we are going to bring in something healthier.  This next month is fruit parfaits.!!!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord, Amen!!!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I have learned to like change at least in me physically and emotionally.  Before one of the fellow journiers mentioned she went down in shoe sizes.  I figured, yeah right - how could that be.  Well I found out I should believe people when they say things.  My feet are wide and my shoes were snug.  Since my journey my feet have started to slip and slide in my tied shoes.  Another change My hands used to be really plump where you couldn't really tell where my knuckles were.  Now you can see them and they are pretty defined now.  So when you start to loose weight your muscle is attaching to the bones etc but the fat starts to  loosen up and fall away from the muscle and bones.  I thought it would make me feel bad but it makes me feel good because progress is happening!  I also took a friend who's started on this journey to her gym.  Guess what I was able to show her and explain to her what to do with her gym equipment which is much older and different then what I was used too.  Our gym has signs with explanations of how to use the equipment and where you should feel the effects.  I don't need those signs anymore.  I was able to know what part of the body it was affecting.  All this and in 31 years never stepping foot inside a gym!   This journey has been a blessing to me.  Not only in the send of loosing fat, weight, and inches but because he has provided me with a purpose in life now.  To help others around me or anyone I can help that needs it.  It's also provided me with a greater sense of love for myself.  It's also helped me get my priorities in order.  I'm hoping to get the rest of my life in order.   I am so blessed.  I have never been on a "diet" this long.  I have never lost this much weight.  I haven't been this active in many many years! 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gym time!!!

I usually go to the gym in the morning but I've been going in the evening on Wednesday's the past couple anyway.  I was so excited to see a mother of a kid that bowls on the same league as my son there.  She just started but I'm sure she will persevere.  I know many people who are trying to work on themselves.  It can be tough when there isn't a unified front in the household when it comes to the eating aspect.  That's why when I seen a couple there that I know from church it made my heart smile.  It's much more busy in the evening but it's great to see people of all ages and sizes there trying to work on themselves.   I think that everyone is worth it and we should make ourselves available to help everyone with change - good change.  Hooray!!!!! and Congratulations to all of you who are stepping out and investing in themselves.   To those who are supporting others who need to change  - Thank you!!!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


As I keep hosting my children's birthday parties our family dinners I keep trying to ad in healthy food in general for everyone to eat.  Things that we usually have for my son Mark's party are Hamburg patties, hot dogs, white rolls, pasta salad, fruit salad, macaroni salad, baked beans, salt potatoes, and macaroni and cheese.  I believe all those options just make you want to get more food to at least try everything.  So I've decided to cut down what choices we have and modify the dishes that are left so we can make them healthier.  I'm gonna work off the method of healthy protein, carb, and fat as I sit here writing up the menu.  I think we will go with a pasta salad, fruit salad, have 1/2 whole wheat rolls and 1/2 white rolls to figure out some healthier ways for the food and shopping for some great deals on meat any kind!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Weigh in #19

So today is weigh in 19, I had no idea what to expect because even though you work really hard one week you don't loose anything and then your physically unable to move your body the next and all your doing is following your meal plan that week you drop weight.  So just because you didn't drop weight one week doesn't mean you didn't do your best or that you did something wrong.  It's really hard to understand your body, I don't even try to do that in regards to weight anymore.  It's worse than getting to know how the opposite sex  works!  

Starting weight                             338 lbs
last week weight                           266.5lbs
this week weight                           264 lbs
weight loss this week                      2.5 lbs
Total weight loss                            74 lbs

Woohoo! Can't believe it I'm doing it!!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Yay!!!!!

When I contact fawn via text to tell her something in my life has changed for me, gotten better she responds with yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   That's how I feeling about them as well.  So as far as yay!!!!!!!!!!'s go here's another one.   I've had a problem standing between our pews at church.  Today during church I didn't feel as though I didn't fit.  I felt there was plenty enough room for me.  So today I didn't stand in the aisle to sing.  Eventually there will be more room as the lbs get worked off.   Yep, that's what I said.  Worked off!!!!!  It takes exercise, eating healthier food, and the mindset for me to change my thoughts and feelings about food and how I deal with them. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Health & Fitness Seminar!!!!!

While Fawn was here we had organized this health and fitness seminar.  There was testimony, we talked about mind set, exercise, and food.  We answered questions, gave examples of better food choices, and watched a brilliant movie produced by our friend and coach Fawn!  Everyone who came with the intentions of getting something from the evening left with some information to better themselves.  Either healthier options or the knowledge of different inexpensive exercises.  Some are stepping up for themselves and committing themselves to a whole change MIND, BODY, and SOUL!!!  Praise the Lord this seminar reached 31 adults looking for the help.  There we're also 4 children there!  So awesome to see Elmira NY start to transform itself one person at a time!!!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Weight in # 18

So early this morning my co-journier Dawn and I went to weigh in.  I was so extremely proud of Dawn.  She lost 5.25 lbs!!!! She's had a slow go but a little here and little there as long as you stay with it!! Congratulations.   I've had a work out with Fawn since she's been here.  She told me she was going to shock my system so my body would start loosing weight again.  She accomplished that goal and I"m so happy about it!!!!!

Starting weight                    338lbs
last week weight                 270lbs
This week weight               266.5lbs
Weight loss this week        3.5lbs
Total weight loss                71.5 lbs

New smaller goal - to get that scale notch to start and 200 not 250.  I'm going to talk to fawn because I would need to see how long it might take me to loose 16 lbs to set a good goal time.  Something that's challenging, realistic, but not really a sure thing.  That would be awesome for the scale to start at 200!!!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Playing dress up???

As far as I'd remember I'd rather be riding atv's, fishing, camping, etc.  I don't ever remember a time when I was "girly."  I never like dolls that much,"in clothing", doing my hair, or makeup.  Knowing your accomplishing something for God, yourself, and those around you just brings such joy to your heart.  It encourages you in so many ways.  I pray that more people would know that God saw fit for this to be my journey on his time.  He had his reasons why the past "diets" didn't work besides they don't what make sense to me now.  On to the change I've experienced.  Thanks to a wonderful friend and co-journier I have some of her old clothes but new clothes to me.  Thanks a bunch Kathleen!!!  They aren't plain t-shirts and knit pants as I am used to.  I used them because they are easy to match and they kept growing with me up to that 4x.  Now I have shirts and pants made of different fabric and patterns.  Last night - I kept trying on different clothes to try and find a "outfit" for today!! I'm about to go do that again to find clothes for tomorrow!!! I've had makeup on for the past 3 days!!! That's after I had Fawn's help on try to figure out how to apply it and make it look good!  Thanks again Fawn!!!  I never realized I wanted to be "girly"!!!!!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Guess what....

So the other day I tried on a old pair of jeans they were a 28.  I had an old pair of 26's.  I thought they would be snug and probably wouldn't fit by an inch or so.  I put them on - they aren't loose but they do fit and not tight either.  It feels so good to be back into jeans.  It makes feel like I have something to offer.  That's not related to clothes.  When you can respect yourself others can too.  Knowing I couldn't fit into a pair of jeans destroyed my self esteem.  So I'm moving forward with self esteem.  Life gets better and happier every day forward of my journey. 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Here's your chance!!!!

February 15th 7 pm at Elmira Wesleyan Church in Elmira NY there will be a Nutrition and Fitness program.  This is based on the Journey to Transformation.  My lifestyle coach Fawn will be there to give out information and answer any questions that you have.  If you need directions or anything let me know.  Hope to see you there!!!

Take it here's your chance.  To change your life.  It would be great for anyone to start with something small.  Remember it doesn't have to be all or nothing.  Come take a look you don't have to commit to anything. 

New jeans or old jeans

Two weeks ago I weighed in and lost 7 lbs.  I tried on a pair of my old jeans and they didn't fit.  I was bummed.  So today for the heck of it I pulled them out again, went to try them on and they fit!!! I was so excited.  Eating right and exercising can make a difference even if lbs are not shed!!  These old jeans seem new to me because I haven't been able to get into any jeans since 5/2007. 

Today I trained with Fawn, she took me through workouts that I was avoiding.  I was tired from working out but I haven't began to hurt.  Probably tomorrow I will.  In fact I'm sure of it.  So glad to be doing new things now and know I can survive.  That I will grow and thrive because of it. 

 Challenge yourself!!!! Mentally and physically.  You are so worth it!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Weigh in #17

So todays weigh in was completely different than any I've ever had.  Fawn was there!  Sadly today I have to explain that once again this week I didn't loose any weight.  I didn't gain any either.  Fawn has told me next week I will.  She's here and going to help me with some different exercise programs and get me in some good butt kicking workouts.  I'm also excited that I get to be in some stuff that Fawn will be taping to do a promo video for herself.  Anything I can do to help her out.  She has done so much for me.  So here's off to another week devoted to loosing weight. 

Tomorrow on tuesday my youngest son Ben is having his tonsils removedso hopefully  his healing is good so I can make sure I don't loose to much workout time.

Starting weight                          338 lbs
Last week weight                       270 lbs
This week weight                       270 lbs
Total weight loss this week             0 lbs
Total weight loss                          68 lbs

On to another week of eating healthy ... and taking back my life!!!!!   Come on we can help you too!

My new song!!!!

We're off to see the Fawn, The wonderful Fawn of all
We here she is a whiz of a wiz, if ever a wiz there was
If ever, oh ever a wiz there was, The Fawn of all is one because
Because, because, because, because, because,
Because of the wonderful things she does
We're off to see the Fawn, the wonderful Fawn of all.

Can you all tell I'm just a "little" giddy to see Fawn.  For me and those of you who know me this is like Christmas in my heart!!!

Time to way in with truth factor!!!! There's no shaving of any legs to help loose a little or alot of extra weight.  No just kidding we weigh in like that every week. 

So off to the chiropractor so we can head over to the weigh in!!!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

One meal at a time...

Someone close to me who's working on getting healthier was challenged this evening.  It's the super bowl and as others get out there normal party food they were getting around pizza.  This person avoided pizza.  Instead I was able to get them to make a healthier pizza while everyone else consumed their normal pizza.  It's hard to do that, but if your serious about making a change any one of you can do this!!  So proud!!!  Keep going, believe in yourselves, reach out to help you stay on track.  It could be a recipe, or it could be keeping you on track so your not grabbing that candy bar or eating 2 or 3 times the amount of food for one sitting.  Anyone of us will be here for you. 

A healthy dinner for our clc kids!!!

This evening we had clc early so that people could go home and watch the super bowl.  So dinner time was right in there so making sure to get my dinner we made home made pizza.  We used whole wheat sandwich thins, organic low sodium fat free sauce, fat free mozzarella, pepperoni, and any veggies they wanted to add. 

It was mixed feeling.  Some thought the pepperoni was spicy, others loved it!  We're getting there step by step.  That's all you need to accomplish something or help others learn that healthy food is good.  Just baby steps.  It will happen!!!

My Fawn is in NY!!!!! can't belive it!  I get to see her tomorrow!!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well, in just 4 days my life style coach Fawn will be here!!! Can't wait to see her.  To have the training of fitness coach in person.  Looking for the the right for her to "whoop" my butt.  To have her see how far she has helped me come.  When I first met her in august of 2010.  All I could really manage was to sit on the floor at vacation bible school and watch.  Now I'm so much more than a blob.   That's how I viewed myself.  Now I know I'm something much more than that.  I'm growing and having fun finding out what that is.   During the time she is here I will also be able to meet with Kathleen and Dave who is also on this journey.  She was the one who I seen in person on the first day of the program.  She really put things into perspective for me.  Along with many others she has been there to support me in hard times, to encourage me, and even trade recipes.   I have been richly blessed to have added these people to my family.  I can't wait to see everyone, reunite, and not have to have a "unhealthy" get together to celebrate.  I love you all and am glad that you are not just a lifestyle coach or mentor but friends and family.