Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gym time!!!

I usually go to the gym in the morning but I've been going in the evening on Wednesday's the past couple anyway.  I was so excited to see a mother of a kid that bowls on the same league as my son there.  She just started but I'm sure she will persevere.  I know many people who are trying to work on themselves.  It can be tough when there isn't a unified front in the household when it comes to the eating aspect.  That's why when I seen a couple there that I know from church it made my heart smile.  It's much more busy in the evening but it's great to see people of all ages and sizes there trying to work on themselves.   I think that everyone is worth it and we should make ourselves available to help everyone with change - good change.  Hooray!!!!! and Congratulations to all of you who are stepping out and investing in themselves.   To those who are supporting others who need to change  - Thank you!!!!!

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  1. I always love to read what you have to save Carolyn.