Monday, February 14, 2011

Weight in # 18

So early this morning my co-journier Dawn and I went to weigh in.  I was so extremely proud of Dawn.  She lost 5.25 lbs!!!! She's had a slow go but a little here and little there as long as you stay with it!! Congratulations.   I've had a work out with Fawn since she's been here.  She told me she was going to shock my system so my body would start loosing weight again.  She accomplished that goal and I"m so happy about it!!!!!

Starting weight                    338lbs
last week weight                 270lbs
This week weight               266.5lbs
Weight loss this week        3.5lbs
Total weight loss                71.5 lbs

New smaller goal - to get that scale notch to start and 200 not 250.  I'm going to talk to fawn because I would need to see how long it might take me to loose 16 lbs to set a good goal time.  Something that's challenging, realistic, but not really a sure thing.  That would be awesome for the scale to start at 200!!!!


  1. Great job! That is the trick, to mix it up all the time.


  2. Thanks for all your hard work while Fawn was here. You are a blessing.

  3. I hear ya girly, I set the 250 as a goal and then under 200 and I am down to 180!!!! It will come and you will feel awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you and keep up the good work!