Thursday, February 24, 2011


I have learned to like change at least in me physically and emotionally.  Before one of the fellow journiers mentioned she went down in shoe sizes.  I figured, yeah right - how could that be.  Well I found out I should believe people when they say things.  My feet are wide and my shoes were snug.  Since my journey my feet have started to slip and slide in my tied shoes.  Another change My hands used to be really plump where you couldn't really tell where my knuckles were.  Now you can see them and they are pretty defined now.  So when you start to loose weight your muscle is attaching to the bones etc but the fat starts to  loosen up and fall away from the muscle and bones.  I thought it would make me feel bad but it makes me feel good because progress is happening!  I also took a friend who's started on this journey to her gym.  Guess what I was able to show her and explain to her what to do with her gym equipment which is much older and different then what I was used too.  Our gym has signs with explanations of how to use the equipment and where you should feel the effects.  I don't need those signs anymore.  I was able to know what part of the body it was affecting.  All this and in 31 years never stepping foot inside a gym!   This journey has been a blessing to me.  Not only in the send of loosing fat, weight, and inches but because he has provided me with a purpose in life now.  To help others around me or anyone I can help that needs it.  It's also provided me with a greater sense of love for myself.  It's also helped me get my priorities in order.  I'm hoping to get the rest of my life in order.   I am so blessed.  I have never been on a "diet" this long.  I have never lost this much weight.  I haven't been this active in many many years! 

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  1. This was a GREAT post Carolyn. I got charged up just reading it.