Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well, in just 4 days my life style coach Fawn will be here!!! Can't wait to see her.  To have the training of fitness coach in person.  Looking for the the right for her to "whoop" my butt.  To have her see how far she has helped me come.  When I first met her in august of 2010.  All I could really manage was to sit on the floor at vacation bible school and watch.  Now I'm so much more than a blob.   That's how I viewed myself.  Now I know I'm something much more than that.  I'm growing and having fun finding out what that is.   During the time she is here I will also be able to meet with Kathleen and Dave who is also on this journey.  She was the one who I seen in person on the first day of the program.  She really put things into perspective for me.  Along with many others she has been there to support me in hard times, to encourage me, and even trade recipes.   I have been richly blessed to have added these people to my family.  I can't wait to see everyone, reunite, and not have to have a "unhealthy" get together to celebrate.  I love you all and am glad that you are not just a lifestyle coach or mentor but friends and family. 


  1. can't wait to see you miss carolyn : ) it will be fun!!!

  2. A great post Carolyn. I can't wait to see her either :-)