Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's slow now

There are those that we're so excited for me in the beginning when I was loosing more weight per week.  Now they don't seem as interested in how I'm doing or how much I'm loosing.  It's not all about numbers.  It's about health!

I'm changing inside my mind, fat is disappearing as we speak, my organs are functioning better, and my family life is better.  I'm dropping around 2 lbs a week - is that ok?  Yes most definately.  As long as my body's doing better, it will happen!! I can't wait.  It will happen slowly - same as when I put the weight on.  It didn't happen in two days.

Well I say this - keep watching.  You will see what I can do and what changes for my quality of life.  Also the functions of my life are changing and making it more comfortable for me.  Keep an eye out cause next time you look I'll be 20 lbs down, 40 lbs down, then 100 lbs down, and then my goal weight (when I finally decide to set my goal weight)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Weigh in #8

Well this week has been busy.  It's starting to snow here.  I just can't wait for it to move on when the sled riding begins and Christmas is here in person and not just in the hearts of some.  I love all parts of Christmas.  The decorations, the get togethers, holiday food, baking with the family, Christmas music, Christmas movies, the anticipation of my children and others awaiting Santa, and the celebration of Jesus Christ's birth.  It's an amazing time of year.  I thank God that he is here with me on this journey. 

Thanks that have gone on this week:

I took my first aerobics class and had alot of pain so it restricted my exercising. 
Thanksgiving meals this week.  I tried to stay as close as possible to my meal plan.  I did however eat some of my Aunt Debbie's scalloped corn.  Not alot, about 1 tbsp. 
I had black friday and I was up for alot of ours in a row.  I don't even want to think how many.  My eating plan was also off due to that. 
I have had some added stress this week where I'm saddened about a furry family member. 

More on the positive side:
I survived my first aerobic class. 
I enjoyed black friday shopping with my family. 
I enjoyed another thanksgiving meal. 
My calories have been reduced and my body's okay with that!
My sleeping plan is back is back in order.

Starting weight                                               338 lbs
last week weight                                             297 lbs
This week weight                                            295lbs
Weight loss this week                                          2lbs
Total weight loss                                                43lbs
Weight loss until next goal                                    7lbs
Weeks until goal                                                   3 weeks

Off to a stick to it scheduled, eating plan, and exercising plan.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Back at it again!

I am back in the saddle again.  I got on the treadmill again. I needed some rest after my workout at the gym on wednesday.  I walked once a day on thursday and friday.  I'm going to return to the gym on monday.  I'm hoping to get two classes of light and lively in this week.  Probably monday and friday. 

I also prepped food today for another thanksgiving meal with my mom and more family.   A total of 21 of us!!  It will be a great time and celebration. 

On tuesday Fawn reduced my calories some.  I'm not hungry after I eat or too soon before I should be eating next.  I am however able to finish the food on my plate.  I wasn't able to do that so what I did was eat around the plate.  Eat protein, veggie, and then carb and kept going around to make sure I was eating completely balanced.  Instead of just eating my carb and protein and then feeling full. 

I hope everyone had a happy and healthy thanksgiving. 

Friday, November 26, 2010

How sore is sore?

Well after my light and lively class at the gym I felt like I had a good intense workout that I wasn't used too.  My body ached real bad.  My things had tingling, burning, and stabbing pain at points.   That was however since I was up all night with black friday as well.  Since I came home and got some sleep my legs feel like I just had a workout is all.  Can't believe I'm that out of shape.  Sorry to say so, but I am.   Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and black friday. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart

Today, I will be eating yet another Thanksgiving meal.  This is the 2nd of 3 this year.  I will be taking healthier arrangements for all who wish may try or eat from them.  Just the same dishes as I did for the church harvest dinner.  Then I will proceed out to walmart, target, and toysrus, etc for several of hours of waiting to get to "black friday." 

I am thankful that my God is so gracious and has given me all these days, this days, and hopefully many more blessed days to come.  I'm thankful for the never ending love from my husband.  No matter what I choose to do for many things he's always behind me.  I'm thankful I've been blessed with two beautiful children.  I'm thankful for my other families and friends.  I'm thankful for this journey and those beside me and behind me on this journey.  I'm thankful for Fawn taking my emails, calls, and text's.  I'm thankful for the program that she started.  I'm thankful for Zac's patience when I worry about taking up to much time time with Fawn. 

May God bless you all.  May you all find the good in everything.  Not just today but everyday. 

See... eating healthy isn't expensive

Well everyone says I can't afford to eat well and healthy.  My thought is yes you can.  First measure the portions - that helps to save money.  If you can grow a garden.  Next look in the weekly ads.  Find deals and plan your meals around the sales.  Look at my deal here.  Boy did I score. 

Normally for sweet potato in our area we pay $0.99/ lb.  They we're on sale this week for $0.29 a lb.  I went in to wegmans and asked for a case.  You wouldn't believe how pretty they looked.  Not ugly and pitted.  That's what you find around here.  It's hard to find good quality sweet potato. 


See Look you can eat healthy and watch the bottom line at the same time.  I challenge you too!  During this case of sweet potato I'm going to be trying some other recipes that I will post here for you.  Stay tuned!  If you have any recipes that I may try to make healthy send them my way!

Wow! Huh! You can make things economical.  I will be trying different recipes and will post them here for you.  Stay tuned

Emotional Recovery and physical exercise

After today's little upset, I'm back on the bike or the treadmill rather.  Emotionally I'm back on track.  I did a half our on the treadmill at the gym today.  Just love their treadmills you can program them for your age and weight so it tells you how many calories your burning.  It also inclines with the push of a button.  My treadmill is a manual thing and when you incline it - it is to inclined for me right now.  I tried it but I only made it 10 minutes. 

A new triumph!  I did my first aerobic class.  It was called light and lively.  It worked upper and lower body.  We used weights, small kids balls, stepper, and these horrid horrid band things.  We put them around our legs boy did it work my thighs.  That's a good thing - they really need it!!  Altogether I had a great experience.  There was woman of all sizes and ages in there.  They were a very welcoming group.  They encouraged me and told me to do what I could handle.  I tell you I went in there thinking it was going to be easy.  After all I had been working out now for  6 weeks.  It was a wake up call to how out of shape I am.  I have decided I can get to two of these a week.  I'm going to attempt a spinning class and see how that goes this coming week. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Humiliated!! I wanted to cry inside.

When your overweight you have a conscience that everyone is looking at you and thinking all these awful things about you.  Yes half of them or so may be true.  Is it the right thing to do?  NO!  Do we need your support YES! I need the support as I'm changing my mind, body, and habits.  I'm working on my emotions and the way I handle them.  I'm being proactive for myself.  I'm eating right and going to the gym.

Things I don't expect:

I was working out on a treadmill today and there was men behind me working out.  One made a noise like "neyyyyy" (sp)  to imitate a farm animal.  It hurt, nobody deserves it.  Do you think that's going to help promote me to get healthy?  In my old way of thinking I would have gotten out some oreos and milk, lots of spaghetti with bread and butter, or about 6 mcdouble sandwiches from "McDonald's".  I was so upset I didn't try to let it show. 

Truth time, I didn't eat anything that wasn't on my meal plan! How I wanted to though!  This was fuel for me.  It just gave me more drive to show the arrogant man that I can and will do this for me.  I will not fail because of him.  I will not change my plans because of him.  Every day, week, month, year that I will remain healthy will not be accredited to them.  It will be accredited to God, me, Fawn & Zac, my family, church family, and friends.  You all get accredited because you have endured me through all this and encouraged me!! Just remember we do need that!  It may sting but that sting goes away.  Life moves on.  I will pray for those of you who feel they need to make fun or put others down to make yourself feel better.  You know, I used to eat to make me feel better.  Imagine what your soul looks like.....

Why not go out on a limb?

Why not go out on a limb?  Isn't that where the fruit is?  ~Frank Scully

I was going through a website and found this quote.  It made me think.  This is the real first time I went out on a limb to get healthy.  To do something I haven't done before.  To restrict healthier meals into my mouth and exercise.  I find it sad that in the past 31 years I've never exercised.  When I was younger my Dad and I would go for a bike ride say from Millport to Horseheads.  We would go hiking and spend lots of time in the woods.  We hung up tree stands and went hunting.  To this date as an adult I have yet to do hardly any of this with my child.  However, I really desire to do these things and I will do more as I get healthier.  I feel ashamed that I'm that big that I can't do these things or interact like that with my children. 

I'm taking steps walking out on that branch and grabbing my fruit.  Making this happen is one of the most imortant things in my life.  It ranks up there with marrying my husband and having my children. 

Saturday, November 20, 2010


If you know me, you know that one of my favorite meals is grilled cheese and tomato soup! mmmmm..... I can taste it now.  I had my niece over helping with the house and had to think of a meal she would eat.  She has decided not to include meat into what she eats.  So that's why I decided I would make this as it's something everyone can have but me.  I just love it in the winter like most everyone.  I like it in fall, summer, and spring.  I especially liked it when I was pregnant with both of my children. 

This is a vow I'm going to make, I will research a healthier homemade tomato soup and some type of grilled sandwich which I will try.  Then I will rate it and post the results and recipes  for everyone to try. 

Becoming free!

Well as everyone seen I have thoroughly cleaned out  my kitchen and got rid of less healthier items.  I promised myself I will not stockpile food.  I will not buy it if we don't need it.  Which in itself is a big step for me.  I have since decided to stop the hoarding and clean out the rest of my house.  I haven't gotten rid of one piece of clothing or toys since my youngest son was born.  I don't know why.  Ben my youngest has started sleeping in Mark's room.  In return we took and put my gym equipment in his room and made his room a exercise/game room.  I have passed on some of the toys and clothes to my brother-in-law Richard who's expecting a baby in march.  I have more bagged and in the  garage ready to go when they get room.  Our living room is overhauled and ready for the Christmas tree.  We have started on my mountain of backed up laundry.   I had several bags of papers and garbage that we no longer need or that aren't usable.  I'm feeling free.  I need to do my desk and paperwork area.  Then my bedroom.  Which will be tough as we use it to store upcoming Christmas gifts and birthday  presents.  I wish I had an organizational expert to help me get the right containers.  

Thursday, November 18, 2010

On the reverse side

Well, I'm on the learning side of my new journey.  Although, I'm so excited about helping a new member of this health club.  Her name is Dawn we attend church together.  Today I went to her house I had my youngest son with me and she had her grandaughter with her.  We walked to TOPS markets to educate her on selecting healthier foods and to stock her up a little. She did great.  We circled the outside of the store which is where most of her foods came from.  The only thing I remember going down an aisle for was cereal, rice, tomato puree, natural smuckers peanut butter, and whole wheat bread. 

People say that eating healthier costs more money.  I say nay.  Sure a product like peanut butter may cost $.30 more a jar but you are measuring how much your eating and not putting it 1/2 inch thick.  Your also not eating as much food in general.  Your portions are smaller.  Another tip to eating healthier but less expensively is plan your meals around the grocery ads that week.   You can also purchase beef by the section of cow.  Look at your local Sam's club store to see if they have what you need in bulk.  At our TOPS the ground turkey is almost $4 lb.  At Sam's you can get it for about $2 lb.  Get your meats in bulk weigh and freeze them. 

No matter what you learn you can always pass it along in some form or another. 

Starting at New York Sport & Fitness

I have been exercising at home or walking around at different places.  I think it's definitely time to do more.  I'm going to be working out and learning a whole lot more at New York Sport & Fitness.  What a big step going to a gym for someone who's really never done that sort of thing.  I'm hoping after a month I will love it and begin to crave being there.  I know that this will help me as I will build muscle and burn fat.  I can't wait to see the proof.

If your trying to change your life and you come to a stand still, don't figure it isn't working.  Think I guess I need to cut back a little bit on the calories and/or step up the exercise.  If your not sure all you have to do is take NYS&F up on there offer of a free trial membership.  They have trainers who get you accustomed to the machines.  They also have many different classes they offer. 

I can't believe how convenient it was.  They have a daycare, juice bar, 4 different TVs you can choose from to watch and listen to.  The machines are very easy to understand since I have never been inside a gym.  My trainer was great on showing me how to use them and very encouraging.  They have a sheet for you that lists your machines weight your lifting, seat position, and how many reps.  It was rather easier and I wondered why I hadn't done this before.  I did find muscles however I never knew existed.  They were very consciences about making sure I was comfortable with my back problems. 

Click here to see NYS&F !!!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


On my last post entitled Black Friday I had a friend and my pastor's wife from church leave a comment on that post.  The comment read:

"I think the reason you are doing so well with your "journey" Carolyn is because you go after something and you keep at it. You have DRIVE!! Wish I had just a bit more of that myself. I love you. Keep on keeping on! "

I want to explain that I'm living life.  I am.  I won't ever quit this way of living.  There's no reason to go back to the old me.  Where I did away with cereal bowls and bought large bowls to eat my cereal or have spaghetti out of because I probably had at least 3 or more cereal bowls full plus bread to go with it.   I learned how to eat other filling healthy tasteful foods that aren't as harmful to my waist line with that spaghetti.    In the future I'm sure I may have a brownie but I now know it doesn't have to be two or three.   I also don't have to hide food I'm eating from anyone.  I'm proud of the food I eat and put in my body.  My mind, body, and heart is okay that I may treat myself once in a while.  I know what's healthier and I can pick and choose recipes better than just getting it out of a box.  I also know how to exercise so if I'm worried about the calories in that brownie I can always do some extra exercise.  In my mind knowing I can do extra exercise doesn't give me the permission to over indulge in food or snack.  Keep in mind that I now eat for nutrition and energy.  Eating double really doesn't give you anymore energy.  It just over fills you and makes you feel like laying around and doing nothing.  I don't eat because I'm sad, angry, mad, or unhappy anymore.  I don't eat just to eat with others anymore just because they are eating. 

I want to thank all of those people who have come into my life.  To thank everyone for following my blog and keeping me accountable.  I have so much praise for my Lord and Savior that he has allowed me to be here, go on this journey, and reep the benefits from it.  I also praise him that there has been many ways for me to pay it forward. 

Health and Happiness to you all this week. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


In a previous post, I explained that black friday to me just wasn't a shopping day.  It's an official start to the holiday season.  I love when it's snowing outside  - there's Christmas music on in the car on the way there.  Christmas music filling your heart.  The store is playing Christmas music.  I know, I know alot of people are saying the holidays are all commercial.  To me the holidays are what you make of them.  You don't need to buy anything extravagant or anything at all.  It's the time spent with people that you love.  The time spent celebrating Jesus's birth.  I shop for alot of people for the holidays.  It's something I enjoy.  It's the thrill of getting the deal.  If I don't however, and I don't worry about it.  I don't go out on black friday and push and shove etc.  to get what I want.  This year the stores are opening earlier and makes it more difficult to get to more than one store.  That's what family is for.  As this journey is my life change.  I'm going to live my life.  I'm not canceling black friday.  I'm going.  I'm making arrangements around my eating schedule.  Taking snacks and drinks with me.  I can still live life.  Going on a health journey doesn't hold you back from doing anything.  I will partake in another thanksgiving meal and then go scout my stores.  You can come on this journey with us all and still do activities.  This journey doesn't limit you.  It has helped my back which will help me in the end due to less pain and the ability to wait at my stores until they open.   Come on ........

Monday, November 15, 2010

Weigh in # 6 39 days in...

As I look and reflect on this past week.  I feel as though it's been a little stressful.  I feel like some of that liveliness I had has been diminished.  I thought about the discouragement and thought about "giving up."  I knew it wouldn't serve me or any reason to give up.  I did decide to continue with a strong and healthy spirit.  I will put all my effort into that.  The prayers are welcomed. 

At the end of weigh in #5 Fawn and I had set a goal for the first time.  The goal was to be out of the 300's by end of weight in #6.  That would have meant loosing 6 lbs this past week.  I secretly had a goal for 7 lbs since that would have put me at a total weight loss of 40 lbs.  Well I didn't make my goal.  I'm not to be too disappointed though because I did make it out of the 300's.  I reached Fawn's goal.  I lost 6 lbs. 

That same week another goal was set, to reach 50 lbs total weight loss by Christmas!  Will I make it - I positively have to think I'm going to.  It's the only way to succeed.  I'm still sick this week coughing and congested.  I'm going to forge ahead this week. 

Starting weight              338 lbs
last weeks weight          305  lbs
this weeks weight          299 lbs
weight loss this week        6 lbs
weight loss total              39 lbs
pounds until next goal      11 lbs

Positives for the week:
Lost more weight yayyy!
Have provided part of my church family with a healthy thanksgiving meal
I didn't associate Holidays with over eating to spend time with your family.
I will be starting to work with a gym this week.

Negatives for the week:
I'm still sick
I've had a little emotional setback

Here's to another good week!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

My old plate and my new plate.......

As I said I used to pile up my plate at every meal I ate here's an example:

I would eat this plus a few rolls and some green bean casserole -then pie and cinnamon twists
I could also go back for seconds

This is what i ate for this year's Thanksgiving with my in laws
a teaspoon of butternut squash
1/3 cup whole wheat stuffing
1/3 cup sweet potato with horseradish
Green beans
4 oz turkey (white) I used to have dark with skin

I was content with my food.  It tasted great and I wasn't hungary anymore.  I had sweet potatoe and squash and didn't crave any apple crisp.  If you want something sweet or tangy you can get it right out of your healthy food.  You don't have to reach for unhealthy or less healthy options.  Your plate doesn't need to be loaded with food to enjoy your holiday with family. 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Healthy Harvest dinner at Church mmmmmmmmmmm.............

I had such a great time preparing food with the ladies of our church.  Everyone helped each other.  What a family we have from everyone there.  Our healthy menu consisted of:

Raw veggies and healthy horseradish dip
Sweet potatoes
Butternut squash
Green bean casserole
Barbecued naturally sugar free baked beans
Whole wheat stuffing
Deviled eggs (with cottage cheese, olive oil, black pepper, hot sauce or horseradish)
Lower fat gravy

The food had no added butter or salt. 

Some people tried the healthy food and some people didn't.  It's their life choices they made.  Any recipes will gladly be given out just message me.  It was so encouraging the people that seen me and said " You look great, keep it up.  Next year we won't recognise you"  I said, I'll proudly wear a name tag.  Some people talking about trying journeys of their own. 

Here's videos of the healthy food we served

Testimonials from some who partook in healthy food this harvest dinner

I hope you sure enjoyed looking at my blog and our harvest dinner.  We sure enjoyed the food and fellowship.

Friday, November 12, 2010


I changed the background of my blog.  I changed it because I don't feel at the moment the nice flowery one fit my excitement for living life anymore.  I changed the background just as I keep changing.  My body's chaning, my mind is changing, and my ever want to live my life and be able to same I'm happy and fulfilled.  Change has happened with me exercising that never happened before.  I didn't use to like change but I'm embracing it and loving it.  Change is good especially when it's good for you.  Oh I can't begin to say how glad I am that I'm on this journey not just the weight loss but the transformation within my mind, my heart, and my spirit.  I feel so much better as a person, wife, mother, and friend.  It's also the people that I surround my self with are so amazing.  Thanks again. 

I won't post until tomorrow night or sunday as I will be at church preparing for our harvest dinner.  Have a blessed day.

So excited!! RiPpLe RiPpLe RiPpLe

Here we go on another journey!!! This time I'm on the other side of it.  One of my dear friends I met at church and have known for about 5 years now is going to start her journey to health! Her name is Dawn she is a grandmother of so many.  Not only her own but her heart extends to so many little ones that she knows.  She will be blogging and telling you about her past and her new life.  I ask that you look at her upcoming blog and encourage her.  She has seen Fawn's Dad who is on a life changed to gain energy by not eating all the processed foods.  She has also seen me who's had trouble in the past with battling with my weight.  I'm glad that we were able to help inspire her to reach out for help.  Fawn has asked me to help with her since I'm local.  I can't wait because it will just reinforce how I'm living and what I'm doing.  It will also give me some insight on what I can help others do.  There will be things that we'll have to ask fawn together because her situation isn't a duplicate of mine.  I'm so excited about her upcoming journey and the fact that the ripple effect is here with us.  To understand what the ripple effect is and how it works take a look at Fawn's video here:


Come join us on the ripple effect - and we'll pay it forward!!!

Anyone of you have a healthy suggestion out there?

As we are approaching thanksgiving I'm thinking about the foods I used to eat.  On most of the foods I just changed how I make them or what I put in them.  There's one that's stumping me.  I love turkey sandwiches after thanksgiving.  My hubby used to make me about 3 or 4 at a time.  Made using white bread, a healthy dose of miracle whip, and even more salt.  Plus the turkey.  I think sometimes I could have just age miracle whip and salt sandwiches.  This ear for my lunch I will be having one sandwich on whole wheat bread with 4 ounces of turkey and no salt.  What has stumped me is what to put on it.  I don't think mustard would taste right.  I'm doing no butter and no "mayo" type anything.  I thought for flavor I would roast a pepper and used that.  It would also provide some moisture.  What do you guys think?  What type of things do you eat on your turkey sandwich?  Maybe it will help me come up with an idea. 

I would have posted earlier but I'm getting things ready for our church harvest dinner on Saturday.  Also the next day we are having my husbands thanksgiving.  We are having it early so we make sure everyone can be there.  I will post some pics and videos that  make this coming weekend.  Anyone is welcome to a healthy version of the recipes.  Please ask!!

Here's from me to you wishing you a Healthy!!! and Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

So easy stuffed peppers or stuffed pepper soup

So easy Stuffed Peppers or Stuffed Pepper Soup

Servings for one

4 oz turkey/ground beef
3/4 cup brown rice cooked
1/2  pepper
1/4 cup onion
1 cup tomato puree no salt added
Water to add to make the right consistency
Your choice of any spices

You can prepare it and freeze it and then when you want it just throw it in oven for stuffed pepper or sauce pan for stuffed pepper soup.  2 meals in one depending on what you want.
I prepare the pepper in advanced because I like mine well done.  So I par boil it a little bit. 

Saute onion with pam in sauce pan add turkey/ground beef and rice.  Add any other spices you desire such as garlic and black pepper.  Cut up pepper.  Add pepper and tomato puree to sauce pan bring to a small rolling boil.  Turn off and simmer. 

Another option for this this you can turn this into rice spaghetti - just add appropriate spices to tomato puree. 

Tip * Freezes Well in freezer ziploc bags - if you freeze in ziploc containers it allows it to ice over it. 


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More and more food to help the sweet tooth.

These Larabar's are really really good.  The ingredients are wholesome.  If your craving something sweet, it's your ticket.  No need for candy or ice cream.  I found that at my target in the health food area.  I'm going to look into finding other stores that sell it because they have some pretty awesome flavors.  I have tried peanut butter, apple pie, and cashew cookie.  There full entire lists of flavors include:

Chocolate chip cookie dough, peanut butter chocolate chip, peanut butter and jelly, tropical fruit tart, carrot cake, chocolate chip brownie, cherry pie, chocolate coconut, cinnamon roll, peanut butter cookie, lemon bar, banana bread, pecan bar, coconut cream pie, cashew cookie, ginger snap, key lime pie, and apple pie. 

These are very easy to take with you and eat for a snack.  My kids have tried them and like them too.  On the days were you run short on time and don't have time to measure things out these work great for the snacks so you can concentrate on your meals, family, kids, or work.  Pick up a box and see if your kids or you can tell the difference.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Weigh in # 5

                          WEIGH IN #5

As one more week has gone by I've been so encouraged by all of you out there who are reading my blog and wondering how you can change your lives.   We have been busy this week.  I've had a great time.  As of last night I have begun to feel like I have the flu.  I have a fever, chills, sore throat, swollen glands in the neck, and body aches everywhere.  I'm just pushing my fluids in me.  I don't want to get dehydrated.  I used to drink broth (high in sodium) during these times.  I have however heated up some warm water with lemon juice.  It soothes my throat just the same but is better for me.  Enough with the small talk lets get to the whole point of todays blog. 

I have lost another 4#.  I am so excited.  I'm going to hit those 200's soon and never again will I be in the 300's.  That is a promise and vow to myself and to all of you!  Please hold me accountable.  If you see me in public don't hesitate to say what do you weigh?  Have you gained weight?  I want this, any help is appreciated.  Alot of people may think it's rude but I believe that I'm open with you and I would appreciate the same. 

Beginning weight    338lbs
last week weight    309lbs
This week weight   305lbs
weight loss this week  4 lbs
total weight loss        33 lbs
Positives this week:
I refused the temptation of chocolate when I thought I couldn't handle alot of things.
I increased my cardio and did ok with it
I am loving my life!!
I'm living my life!!!
I'm thankful for all of those of you encouraging me and praying for me

Negatives this week:
I am sick now with alot of generalized pain, but I will get past it!!

Staying positive and optomistic is better for my mind set and they even say it may help extend my life.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


Throughout this time of change I haven't had much more pain from my back than normal.  Today, I'm in alot of pain from my lower back to my upper back to my neck.  I'm not sure if it's from the exercise changing, the weather, or a combination of both.  I have changed how I'm walking at different intervals I'm speeding up my walk to as fast as I can go then slowing down and speeding back up at different intervals.  My mind and attitude still enjoy the workout.  The sooner I shed some of this weight the less back pain I pray I will have.  I know carrying around less weight will more beneficial to my spine, heart, skeleton, and all my other organs together.  Beneficial to "living" life to as full as I can.  I'm gonna take it easier for the rest of the day.  I don't want to over do anything as I want to be able to physically continue with my exercise on a daily basis.  I try to keep remembering it doesn't happen overnight no matter how hard you work.

30 Days of my life change!!!

I can't belive it this is the longest I've stayed on a "diet" or life change.  That's the reason it's a life change.  I'm not restricing my calories to low, now getting rid of all my favorite meals, and I have learned how to cook and know what a healthy balanced meal is.  I'm enjoying this change!  It's not easy but It's not hard either.   It is so worth the results.  I prep our food and snacks in advance.  I usually prepackage, cut,  and weigh out as much food as I can when I'm sitting and watching a program in the evening.  So it's not taking up anymore of my free time.  It's not as expensive as you would think.  When you are eating a balanced meal with proper portion sizes and eating 6 times a day the amount of food you consume is much smaller than the amount you do when you over eat at regular meals.  Along with the over eating not only do your pockets pay but your healthy and body do as well.  I have alot of people who matter to me who are here supporting and encouraging me.  I appreciate what everyone has done for me.  Fawn educating me on proper nutrition, reading labels, starting me on an exercise program, taking my emails, texts, phone calls, and being one branch of my support.  My church family for encouraging me and helping me to promote a healthier church family.  For those of my family that do support me Thanks so much for all you have done.  I know you all have done alot but I'm gonna ask you to continue to do so through my entire journey.  I have alot of weight too loose, more time to put in to making my body physically fit, and more growth to help me emotionally spiritually and to enforce the mindset of this healthly change for the rest of my life.  I weigh in in 1 days.  Currently in 30 days I have lost 29 lbs + for this week.   Thats approximately a pound a day.  I'm so thankful for the blessings of my life. 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

more physical changes

Before I started on my journey there we're many things I was able to do.  I'm proud to say that I am now able to suck in my stomach!!  I was never able to that before.  I know is seems small and trivial but through weight loss and exercise I have regained control of my stomach muscles  - the last time I had control of those was before I got pregnant in 4/07.   I can't believe the changes that have come through me since this started. 

I have started to feel good about myself inside and out.  previous to this I would pull my hair up in a scruncii and that would be okay with me.  I through my makeup away many years ago.  I have since purchased some makeup and had my hair cut so that I can put time into myself because I am important.  I'm beautiful inside why not enhance my outer beauty. 

I have this scripture running through my head all the time:

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 (Niv)

19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies. 

This scripture continues to push me and help me respect the body that for so long I have abused. 

I feel that God has done so much for me and been there for me when I needed him.  I feel that this weight loss and journey to health isn't just for me.  I feel I am loosing the weight because I have him by my side and I'm doing this in his time.    I also feel this journey will be able to reach others and bless them as they learn how to be healthy. 

I couldn't have imagined the amount of change in me pphysically, mentally, or emotionally.  I am surprised about the amount of knowledge I have gained and will continue to gain.  I'm learning to cook and cook healthy.  In the beginning the emotional change was hard.  Feeling worthy of this journey was difficult.  I now know that I am worthy and deserving of this.  I hope I never have downs like that again but I will try to be ready for it in case it does happen again.   I love the changes and growth that are happening to me and I will welcome them with open arms. 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Approaching the Holidays!!! A look at past tradition and future...

We always take our kids trick or treating for halloween.  For thanksgiving I have a minimum of  4 thanksgivings where I used to over indulge into turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy and butter, stuffing, corn soaked in butter, green bean casserole, deviled eggs, biscuits with butter, and pie lots of pie.  My mother in law also makes these awesome cinnamon sugar twist out of left over pie dough - and bakes them they get all caramelized and they are so good!  At any given thanksgiving it wasn't out of the question to find me eating 2 dinner plates full of heaping food.  Black Friday is another exciting time for me not exactly a holiday but for me starts the excitement of shopping and getting out watching the "hustle and bustle" of the holiday season.   After black Friday is complete those who shop with us would go out to Old Country buffet and stuff ourselves full of breakfast food.  My favorites from there we're  bacon, hash browns with tons of ketchup, pancakes with all sorts of toppings, tomato juice, chocolate milk/ hot chocolate, and several cookies, bread pudding, ice cream, brownies, cakes, or what ever I was craving at that time.  To prepare for Christmas I bake with my children and we usually made 4 batches of many different type of Christmas goodies.  Many of them were brownies, cake, chocolate chip cookies, no bake cookies, sugar cookies, peanut butter kiss cookies, blueberry muffins, fudge, rice crispy treats, and more depending on the year.  I would not only consume enormous amounts of my own baked goods but wherever I went I would consume a bunch of everyone else's.  Christmas time I have at least 3 celebrations.  At one of them we bring food and cookies and make it a buffet.  Another one we usually have ham or turkey.  My favorite one of them is ham with pineapple on it and sweet sauce (2 bags dark brown sugar, 2 containers mustard, and some of the pineapple juice)  you add the sweet sauce to the ham cook it in a oven bag.  I use the sweet sauce on mashed potatoes and butter, corn, ham, biscuits, and deviled eggs.  We add different sides this all the time depending on what we are craving.  Then we have apple pie, pumpkin pie, or apple crisp to finish up the day.  I usually have 2 plates of Christmas food as well.  I used to think of the holidays and think of the food that was involved that I soon would enjoy.  I actually salivated just thinking of the food. 

Now that I have told you of my past I will tell you of what I really feel about the holidays.  Many of us celebrate for the appropriate reasons on these holidays I have mentioned.  However, I thought we gathered to celebrate together and spend time with family and consume food we so rarely consume only a few times a year.  I have since learned it's not about the food.  It's about celebrating the appropriate holiday and spending time with your family while doing it.  It doesn't have to be with food but it can be with food.  There is no need to eat excessive amounts of food.  This year I will eat the new amounts of healthier versions of thanksgiving and Christmas food I've been accustomed to eating in the past.  I will not partake in any of the baked goods.  In future years I may, but right now I'm doing what I feel is right for me by staying on track and eating healthy.  My health is more important than some extra calories, fat, and a small taste of some pleasure.  I'm more excited about the pleasure of getting more healthy and reaching some of my many goals.  This is a journey to health - in many different varieties.  Physical, mental, social, and spiritual health.  I need this transformation to change my life to change my mindset in how I live. 

This holiday season when you look down at your plate - think about what do you really want in life health and long term happiness or immediate pleasure of high calorie and high fat foods.  Some of which have very little nutritional value.  Omit the butter and sugar and other ingredients from the sweet potatoes and squash.  Find a recipe for whole wheat biscuits.  Use whole wheat bread for the stuffing.  Think about how much salt your adding to your foods.  There are other versions of deviled eggs out there that don't include mayonnaise or miracle whip.  Even implementing a few small changes in every meal to opt for a healthier options can make a difference in your life. 

If anyone is interested in a healthier version of holiday foods get a hold of me I will be happy to help you implement a healthier holiday!

Remember the holidays do not have to be about food.  With that said have a Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Black Friday, and a Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Chocolate... I need it

Chocolate... I need it at least my head says so.  It's telling me it will calm you down in the midst of time crunch, kids fighting, and changing a "diet" for my son Mark.  My son mark has had troubles with formula and milk when he was young.  We found what he could and couldn't eat we thought.  Over the years he has complained about his stomach and we pushed it off here and there.  Figured he didn't want to go to school or just comforted him.  It has gotten worse lately and we have taken him back to the doctors and we have been able to see other doctors but his.  Finally today  we were able to see his nurse practicioner in which I love and adore her.  Sometimes I think she is more capapble than some of the doctors out there.  She listens to the mother's instict.  She feels that mark has a dairy allergy or intolerance.  So here we are trying to arrange things for school and figure out what he can eat.  To add to this Mark has many texture issues that prevent him from being able to enjoy other types of food.  I just feel that his options are very limited and here I am having to prepare a healthy, no dairy, appetizing breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for him for at least 2 weeks.  However I'm following my heart and my stomach and saying my heart doesn't want chocolate and my stomach isn't hungary so why eat something just because.  I'm gonna take 10 minutes to myself to relax, decompress, and pray. 

Monday, November 1, 2010

Weigh in #4

Well this week has been hectic.  I was all worried yesterday that I didn't loose any weight.  The past weeks I felt my weight loss, this week I didn't.  I realized I ate what I.  I put in the workouts - hopefully it will pay off it's ok if it doesn't pay off in numbers this week because eventually it will and I will continue to get healthier.  As my body is getting used to this "stuff" called exercise and getting used to the nutritious foods I'm putting in my body.   I am no longer feeling like greasy pizza or high calorie fast food.  It's one more week where I'm just plugging along in this journey.  I feel better physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

When I weigh in I way here at my house and at the doctors office as well just so I know this scale is working correctly.  Because I'm bigger and have a large stomach I weigh backwards at the doctors office.  I stand on the scale backwards.  If I don't my belly won't allow me to stand in the correct position on the scale so I can get the proper weight.  I one day will be able to way on the scale looking at the numbers.  I can't wait for that.   Today when I weighed in the nurse said go ahead turn around, I looked an seen "309 lbs"  That's another 3 lb weight loss.  I mean !!!!!!!!!

Starting weight               338 lbs
Last weeks weight         312 lbs
Today's weight              309 lbs
This week weight loss       3 lbs
Total weight loss             29 lbs

Positives for the week
I lost 3 lbs!!!
I have come to realize who this journey is about and who I need to please
My family is more and more willing to change with me!
Looking for a gym sponsorship will see what happens with that
Able to get up out of chair easier, walk smoother, and feel as though there's a bounce in my step!
Amongst all this I'm getting healthier

Negatives for the week
Still dealing with the right back of my heel blister

Truly amazing how the positives outweigh the negatives