Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Chocolate... I need it

Chocolate... I need it at least my head says so.  It's telling me it will calm you down in the midst of time crunch, kids fighting, and changing a "diet" for my son Mark.  My son mark has had troubles with formula and milk when he was young.  We found what he could and couldn't eat we thought.  Over the years he has complained about his stomach and we pushed it off here and there.  Figured he didn't want to go to school or just comforted him.  It has gotten worse lately and we have taken him back to the doctors and we have been able to see other doctors but his.  Finally today  we were able to see his nurse practicioner in which I love and adore her.  Sometimes I think she is more capapble than some of the doctors out there.  She listens to the mother's instict.  She feels that mark has a dairy allergy or intolerance.  So here we are trying to arrange things for school and figure out what he can eat.  To add to this Mark has many texture issues that prevent him from being able to enjoy other types of food.  I just feel that his options are very limited and here I am having to prepare a healthy, no dairy, appetizing breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for him for at least 2 weeks.  However I'm following my heart and my stomach and saying my heart doesn't want chocolate and my stomach isn't hungary so why eat something just because.  I'm gonna take 10 minutes to myself to relax, decompress, and pray. 


  1. your a very strong person and what you have been doing over the past few weeks shows that. you have been handed so many challenges lately and you have handled them so very well. only if i had the strength that you have. your my idol..... and i love you so much.m