Meet Carolyn

Hello, my name is Carolyn I’m 31 year old wife and mother who lives in Pennsylvania. I was married in 2001 to my wonderful husband Mark, we had our first child Mark III in 2002. In 2004 I became licensed as a LPN. We had our second son Benjamin in 2007. My parents are both overweight and there are serious medical problems on both sides of the family. Most of my extended family all battle with weight issues. I have tried every “diet” known to man. I looked into gastric bypass surgery went through all the appointments and was waiting for my approval from insurance when I met Fawn Woodfin and decided I needed to change my life permanently for the better. I’m tired of being obese and have decided to end this chapter of my life. I’m tired of existing, I want to live my life. I’m not looking for a number on the scale but a feeling of health. Being sound in body, mind, and spirit; especially : free from medical problems and decreased pain.

Some of my weight comes from being an overeater, eating because I’m board, eating in times of celebration, and some comes from eating my emotions away. In 2008 there was a woman’s group at my church that I joined. We had some books that we read and had workbooks to go through and answer questions and make us think about things regarding our own personal life. Through this class I was able to work out my feelings, learn how to deal with them appropriately, quit blaming others for my problems, and was able to forgive all the wrongs in my life.

Some of the medical conditions I have are diabetes, poly cystic ovaries, acid reflux, esophageal ulcers, hiatal hernia, pseudo tumor cerebri (where I don’t drain spinal fluid appropriately.) I found out 3 years ago I have a herniated disk, spinal stenosis, and spondylthesis. All of my medical problem are exacerbated by my weight and eating habits. Since 2007 I have been sitting home instead of being an active wife, mother, and nurse. I became a couch potato, gaining more weight, and doing nothing unless it required very little exertion. I want take control of my life, learn how to respect my body, and change this bad behavior.

Besides being overweight and unhealthy, I have been a detrimental role model for my family and friends. I’m determined to change that. I have made the choice to eat the way I do, however, it’s been enforced upon my children as they know nothing different. They soon will know what real food is in comparison to processed food. Hopefully those adults around me see that there is other options out there. I decided I put myself in this situation and I’m going to get myself out of this. I will not mention the “Q” word ever again. This is my new life and I’m going to embrace it. I will praise my heavenly father as he has laid out a plan to help me achieve this new life style goal. So I encourage all of you out there who are either tired of carrying the extra weight or those who’s body can use some conditioning to come join us and commit to transforming yourself body, mind, and spirit.