Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's slow now

There are those that we're so excited for me in the beginning when I was loosing more weight per week.  Now they don't seem as interested in how I'm doing or how much I'm loosing.  It's not all about numbers.  It's about health!

I'm changing inside my mind, fat is disappearing as we speak, my organs are functioning better, and my family life is better.  I'm dropping around 2 lbs a week - is that ok?  Yes most definately.  As long as my body's doing better, it will happen!! I can't wait.  It will happen slowly - same as when I put the weight on.  It didn't happen in two days.

Well I say this - keep watching.  You will see what I can do and what changes for my quality of life.  Also the functions of my life are changing and making it more comfortable for me.  Keep an eye out cause next time you look I'll be 20 lbs down, 40 lbs down, then 100 lbs down, and then my goal weight (when I finally decide to set my goal weight)


  1. Girl, Im cheering ya on! Who cares what others think? The slower the weight comes off the longer it will stay off! Keep it up n keep moving forward!

  2. I am still here. Just not always commenting, you are doing great!


  3. You are still doing great! Like you said, it's not all about the numbers. Your determination is still there. To be able to lose any weight during Thanksgiving week is super! I'm sure most of us gained weight this week. This has got to be the toughest time of the year for weight loss. Just keep going... the turtle is the one who wins the race! Keep it up! Dottie

  4. I read your post's every time you post a new one. I think you are doing a great job. So many people would have already quit, but you keep going, and that's more than anyone else can say! Keep up the good work. & when its all said and done, you will feel great about yourself!

  5. Beautiful Carolyn, you have soo many people who are following you!!! Comment posting doesn't always happen even though it's encouraging! : ) I love you lots! You are doing AMAZING!

  6. You keep up the good work. I agree with Grace G the slower it comes the better the chances it stays off.
    Love You
    aunt robin

  7. You go girl! I think you are doing great! Isn't it great to be under 300 lbs!!!! I was excited when I got under 200 a couple of weeks ago! Keep it up and don't let others get you down! Be proud of yourself and who you are becoming! Don't rely on others!!!! Keep up the good work!

  8. I love your spirit Carolyn. I have NO DOUBT that you will finish the race--it's in you.