Wednesday, November 17, 2010


On my last post entitled Black Friday I had a friend and my pastor's wife from church leave a comment on that post.  The comment read:

"I think the reason you are doing so well with your "journey" Carolyn is because you go after something and you keep at it. You have DRIVE!! Wish I had just a bit more of that myself. I love you. Keep on keeping on! "

I want to explain that I'm living life.  I am.  I won't ever quit this way of living.  There's no reason to go back to the old me.  Where I did away with cereal bowls and bought large bowls to eat my cereal or have spaghetti out of because I probably had at least 3 or more cereal bowls full plus bread to go with it.   I learned how to eat other filling healthy tasteful foods that aren't as harmful to my waist line with that spaghetti.    In the future I'm sure I may have a brownie but I now know it doesn't have to be two or three.   I also don't have to hide food I'm eating from anyone.  I'm proud of the food I eat and put in my body.  My mind, body, and heart is okay that I may treat myself once in a while.  I know what's healthier and I can pick and choose recipes better than just getting it out of a box.  I also know how to exercise so if I'm worried about the calories in that brownie I can always do some extra exercise.  In my mind knowing I can do extra exercise doesn't give me the permission to over indulge in food or snack.  Keep in mind that I now eat for nutrition and energy.  Eating double really doesn't give you anymore energy.  It just over fills you and makes you feel like laying around and doing nothing.  I don't eat because I'm sad, angry, mad, or unhappy anymore.  I don't eat just to eat with others anymore just because they are eating. 

I want to thank all of those people who have come into my life.  To thank everyone for following my blog and keeping me accountable.  I have so much praise for my Lord and Savior that he has allowed me to be here, go on this journey, and reep the benefits from it.  I also praise him that there has been many ways for me to pay it forward. 

Health and Happiness to you all this week. 

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  1. Carolyn I am so proud of you! Give your all to Jesus girl and He will do a miracle in you! I just want you to know that I believe in you and you can and WILL do this! I mean you have me and Fawn that will personally be here for you and we won't let you quit! Freedom is yours Carolyn! Keep on keeping on! Love ya