Saturday, November 13, 2010

Healthy Harvest dinner at Church mmmmmmmmmmm.............

I had such a great time preparing food with the ladies of our church.  Everyone helped each other.  What a family we have from everyone there.  Our healthy menu consisted of:

Raw veggies and healthy horseradish dip
Sweet potatoes
Butternut squash
Green bean casserole
Barbecued naturally sugar free baked beans
Whole wheat stuffing
Deviled eggs (with cottage cheese, olive oil, black pepper, hot sauce or horseradish)
Lower fat gravy

The food had no added butter or salt. 

Some people tried the healthy food and some people didn't.  It's their life choices they made.  Any recipes will gladly be given out just message me.  It was so encouraging the people that seen me and said " You look great, keep it up.  Next year we won't recognise you"  I said, I'll proudly wear a name tag.  Some people talking about trying journeys of their own. 

Here's videos of the healthy food we served

Testimonials from some who partook in healthy food this harvest dinner

I hope you sure enjoyed looking at my blog and our harvest dinner.  We sure enjoyed the food and fellowship.


  1. FAwn and i are so proud of you! Way to step up and start leading. Your not only changing your life you're changing the lives of those around you. that's what it's all about!!

    Great Job.

    Keep doing what your doing.


  2. Carolyn, seems like it all went well with the healthy food choices! Proud of YOU!

  3. Good job putting this together Carolyn. You are so motivated!