Saturday, November 27, 2010

Back at it again!

I am back in the saddle again.  I got on the treadmill again. I needed some rest after my workout at the gym on wednesday.  I walked once a day on thursday and friday.  I'm going to return to the gym on monday.  I'm hoping to get two classes of light and lively in this week.  Probably monday and friday. 

I also prepped food today for another thanksgiving meal with my mom and more family.   A total of 21 of us!!  It will be a great time and celebration. 

On tuesday Fawn reduced my calories some.  I'm not hungry after I eat or too soon before I should be eating next.  I am however able to finish the food on my plate.  I wasn't able to do that so what I did was eat around the plate.  Eat protein, veggie, and then carb and kept going around to make sure I was eating completely balanced.  Instead of just eating my carb and protein and then feeling full. 

I hope everyone had a happy and healthy thanksgiving. 


  1. Keep it up, you're in my prayers. Very proud of you and your accomplishments!

  2. carolyn im so very proud of you and what you have done and will be doing in your future. im hopeful that more people will learn from you. just always remember how proud i am of you. love m

  3. Carolyn I think you are such an amazing person and I love your heart!

  4. Carolyn no rush! Don't stress your body out with exercising, do what you feel is good for U! I'm really proud of you, Keep on Keeping on!!