Thursday, November 18, 2010

On the reverse side

Well, I'm on the learning side of my new journey.  Although, I'm so excited about helping a new member of this health club.  Her name is Dawn we attend church together.  Today I went to her house I had my youngest son with me and she had her grandaughter with her.  We walked to TOPS markets to educate her on selecting healthier foods and to stock her up a little. She did great.  We circled the outside of the store which is where most of her foods came from.  The only thing I remember going down an aisle for was cereal, rice, tomato puree, natural smuckers peanut butter, and whole wheat bread. 

People say that eating healthier costs more money.  I say nay.  Sure a product like peanut butter may cost $.30 more a jar but you are measuring how much your eating and not putting it 1/2 inch thick.  Your also not eating as much food in general.  Your portions are smaller.  Another tip to eating healthier but less expensively is plan your meals around the grocery ads that week.   You can also purchase beef by the section of cow.  Look at your local Sam's club store to see if they have what you need in bulk.  At our TOPS the ground turkey is almost $4 lb.  At Sam's you can get it for about $2 lb.  Get your meats in bulk weigh and freeze them. 

No matter what you learn you can always pass it along in some form or another. 

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  1. Yay Carolyn! You might still be learning, but so are we all! And the fact that you are helping someone else just makes you more special to me! I am loving reading your blogs, keep your chin up-you are amazing love!