Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Taking a risk

Yes, risk taking is inherently failure-prone.  Otherwise, it would be called sure-thing-taking.  ~Tim McMahon

Here's another one of the quotes I got off a website.  I felt as though it fit my past and present and wanted to share it with you.  With all of my previous "diets"  I felt as though I was always taking a risk because it depended on me to carry it through and stay with it.  To not get disappointed in the weight loss.  To ignore my hungar.  I wansn't able to do those things.  I wasn't able to stay on my "diet." 

When I began talking with Fawn, reading these other blogs, and praying about it I felt as though this plan here is a "sure-thing-taking."  There was just something from the beginning telling me that I was going to be ok, content with amount and types of food I woudl be comsuming, that I would live this as my life, I would loose the weight, I would be committed to myself, my family, Fawn, and those of you who read my blog. 

After I get to a desired point which hasn't been set yet most people have asked if I will go back to eating those unhealthier things that I have cleaned out of my cupboards on a regular basis.  I will not.  I desire to put the healthy food in my mouth.  To eating as little processed food as possible.  I desire to eat great tasting food.  So I may add back in some healthy items that I'm not eating now.  Such as white rice I can ad back in but I'm not eating it now because I'm trying to get as much fiber and eat as clean as possible.


  1. Love the quote! & Woman, you are making WONDERFUL PROGRESS w/your journey, I'm really PROUD OF YOU!! =) Keep it Up!

  2. Love ya Carolyn! Like the new background too it's bright! : )