Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New updates!

I don't know as I've ever talked about the shirt size I was wearing.  It was a 4x.  I'm proud to say I'm down to a 3x.  it's not baggy yet but I'm working on that problem!  Another week and a half until new profile pics come along. 

As far as christmas goes I got some gift cards and I went and bought myself this scale.  Everyone says they're not as reliable.  It's a scale that measure water weight, body weight, and fat percentage.  I think it will at least show me the differnce as I start loosing more weight.  It should definately show that I'm going down in body fat percentage.  Here's hoping anyway. 
So here's the stats:  Body fat percentage was 64.7%.

They say the only true way to measure this is by a bod pod. 

I don't think you would find many people my weight or size willing to get into that.  I'm not usually clausterphobic but just looking at this makes me start to panic.  I think I'll stick with just getting healthy.  Building muscle, burning fat, gettiing trimmer so I can go shopping in regular size clothes store.  So I can get rid of the risk of heart attack, stroke, heart disease, and get rid of all or some  of the diseases and medical problems I have now. 


  1. Down a size. Another reason to celebrate. Amost 2011. Can't wait to see where you are next year at this time Carolyn.

  2. Guess who. Finally get in to check on people's progress. YOU ARE DOING GREAT. PL

  3. sO PROUD OF YOU!You are doing wonderful...I gained over christmas...but lost 3 pounds of fat and gained 4 pounds of muscle... the scale is not showing it, but I am changing for the better. Keep up the good work!

  4. I love how they put someone in shape and good looking in the machine above...what does he have to worry about body fat for???

  5. well yeah I don't think someone who is my size would fit well in there because it would make you feel closed in. Kathleen your doing good - you ate within reason over christmas and your looking great. Getting those curves back!!!! Congrats!