Thursday, December 9, 2010

Upping that exercise!! Bring it on!

So I've dealt with pain throughout the past few years.  This past couple weeks I think I had been pushing hard and my right leg was hurting pretty bad.  So I talked to my pain dr this week and there's really nothing that can be done at this time. 

Well I was at the gym today the trainer I had been working was watching me doing cardio and asked me when I was done how I felt.  I said really energized!  However, I had a question.  Every other time on the treadmill my heart rate was between 150-165.  Today it was between 140-150.  He said it sounds like it's time to up the workout some more.  He's going to leave orders for me tomorrow.  Praying I can meet the challenge, burn more calories, and up my physical fitness. 

Here's what my work out summary workout looked like:

We'll see what this next week brings!


  1. Love you girl!!! Barb

  2. Go, go, go Carolyn. You put me to shame with your determination and energy.