Friday, December 3, 2010

A new year on the way....

As it's less than a month from a new year I always start thinking of what changes I will be making for the new year.

OLD resolutions:

Loose weight, exercise, get prettier, and help all of my relationships and family stay/get happier.  These were my goals always, never did I make a plan, execute, or achieve these goals as a result of new years resolutions.  I loved myself inside but was truly unhappy with my outside.

Let me show you how this journey has changed my mindset- I guess I've helped with some of this but none of it changed until I decided to go on this journey.

NEW resolutions:

This year I won't have to make a resolution to loose weight as I'm already on a journey doing that, I'm exercising.  Both of these I had help to make a goal (get healthier), a plan was made on how to do this, and now I'm working on this.  There's no need for me to get prettier - once I'm healthier I will feel better about myself.  I already do feel better about who I am.  I would like for my many segregated parts of my family to be happy and to reunite.  However, I have decided  there is nothing I can do about it besides pray.  I'm finally going to listen to my husband not worry about it.  I'm giving it to the lord.  I will work on me and spend loving time with those who want to be around me.  I will not feel discouraged if things don't seem to work out like I think they should.  I'm not in control. 

In order to achieve success in anything:  1) set a goal  2) make a plan  3) establish a support group  4)  take your first step towards that goal 5) finally arrive at the finish line.

In anything you can do, instead of setting new years eve resolutions that you don't follow through on I encourage you to step out now and decide to start yourself a journey.  You can do this.  Believe in yourself!!


  1. Carolyn...everytime I read your posts I become more encouraged about myself just reading what you are truly feeling inside. I am so blessed to have you as a friend and I am praying for you to reach your goals. I know you will!!! (Barb)

  2. carolyn you may not see it but you are a beautiful lady inside and out. if more of us had your strength we would all be much better people. i may not always post but i check your blog everyday and reread your posts because i love you so much and wish i had your strength. i love you so much. love m

  3. Carolyn Oh my Carolyn! I Love You!!! I'm also very proud of the mind set changes you've made...like I told you in the beginning, I might not weigh so much but I really have to work on myself...your blog has helped me in so many ways. Thanks for sharing!