Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Changes I'm getting close to be able to fit in jeans!!

I started this journey on Oct 6.  It's been 2 months.  There are many ways you can  measure your success.  I took a weight measurement in the beginning and you weekly see how that's changing.  I have been updating you guys and telling you how I'm doing on exercising and how my endurance and times on the machines change.  There's another way that proves how your doing.  In the beginning I took measurements of my body.  Here's how those have changed over the course of two months:

                        Oct 6                       Dec 6

Chest -          53"                               49 1/2"    (Everyone knew I'd loose it here!!)     
Waist -          57"                               54"
Hips -            59"                               56"
bicep -           15.25"                          14.5"
calf -              18.5"                            18"
thigh              29.25"                           27"

I'm almost able to fit into a pair of jeans.  The size chart says I"m only 2" away from fitting.  The sad part is I didn't even know I couldn't find a pair big enough for me until I tried.  After I had my son and then an injury 8 weeks later never again did I put on a pair of  jeans!!  When I do fit into a pair, I will bring you along via video tape!!  I'm praying it will be by the end of December


  1. I can't believe how far you've come in two months. Nothing like a good pair of jeans :-)

  2. Wow!!! I am so proud of you...What size are you wearing right now??? I can see the difference in you! You are amazing!!!

  3. Carolyn ahh you inspire me to keep going even if I physically don't see any changes. Keep it up, I'm so Proud of YOU!

  4. Technically its 2x if in jeans I think it would have to be 34 if I could find them. 32's at fashion bug are to small yet!

  5. Just wait until 2011 Carolyn. You are going to see some amazing changes taking place, physically, spiritually, emotionally. Get ready!