Monday, December 6, 2010

2 months total and new pics!!


Take a look at these on my transformation pics page and compare them to when I started and one month in.
So  months have gone by and here's my second set of update pictures for the "outside."  This is what my insides look like:


A little cheesy but like a friend said I have a bounce in my step and my emotions are getting that same bounce.  It feels great with this new mindset plus I love the difference of how I'm committed.


  1. Wow! YOu are beautiful!!! I can not believe the difference. The pictures made me cry! You have worked sooo hard...and it is paying off. The biggest difference is in your face and your eyes...You can see how much healthier you are! I am a proud momma!!! Keep it up. God has great things planned for us all!

  2. Great Job Carolyn! Keep it Going!