Saturday, December 11, 2010

Great accessories!!

From a little help from an elf called Mom, I was blessed with this great Potato cutter.  It was hard work making sweet potato fries by hand.  My hands was all orange and sore.  However, I did it because they were great tasting and it goes well with my eating plan.  That area of prepping food will now go faster and we'll probably have them more often because it's easier and less time consuming.  If you don't have any outlet stores around you, this can be found on several websites.  Can taste the sweet potato fries.  You can also use this to  make veggie sticks.

When I first moved out I had boughten a set of knives, I believe the cheapest you can get from Walmart.  Paying no more than $20.00.  I have now since learned what bargain shopping was.  I hope my mom used my skills this time.  She bout me some Chicago cutlery knives a 10 piece with sharpener.  I can't wait to use these.  This sells for $129.99 normally but there are places where you can get it cheaper.  Look here:

CHICAGO CUTLERY® Forum™ 10-pc Block Set

However at Opentip.com It sells for $60.30  I encourage everyone to search for coupon codes.  That can help with shipping, a percentage, or dollar amount off.  I have never ordered from this website.  I was using it as a price comparison. 

At the outlets they were on sale for $49.95 Then you could have scored another 20% off with leaving your email. Then tax. 

If there is anything you need that can help accelerate your healthy lifestyle, let me know I'd be happy to find you a great deal!

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