Monday, December 20, 2010

Weigh in #10

Since my journey one of my worst fears came true.  I didn't loose what I wanted to loose.  To me it what a little devastating and I punished myself for it.  I went straight to the gym.  Took out my aggression on my body.  I used to eat alot of food to take out my aggression that way.  I'm glad my way of thinking changed as far as the food goes.  I talked to Fawn and she put me back on track.  This is a way of living and I will try my best not to punish myself anymore.  I don't want being strict and regimented with food and exercise to become my "drug of choice."  I want this to be normal balanced part of my life.  I'm ashamed to say I punished myself at the gym. 

I'm trying to remember that I put this weight on slowly and it will come off slowly.  When I'm working out I'm burning fat and building muscle.  Muscle weighs more than fat so I won't always come out weighing less every week.  That muscle I'm building is helping to establish a better metabolism. 

Starting weight                  338
Last week weight              288
This week weight              287.5
This week weight loss         .5 lb
Total weight loss                50.5 lbs

Off to another week of changing me.


  1. doing good, keep going

  2. AT least you lost 1/2 a pound....remember I went a whole month without loosing anything!!! Just keep it up, YOU can do it!!!

  3. Keep going Carolyn. Can't lose five pounds every week, and your body is losing it at the pace it needs to. You are doing great.