Monday, February 21, 2011

Weigh in #19

So today is weigh in 19, I had no idea what to expect because even though you work really hard one week you don't loose anything and then your physically unable to move your body the next and all your doing is following your meal plan that week you drop weight.  So just because you didn't drop weight one week doesn't mean you didn't do your best or that you did something wrong.  It's really hard to understand your body, I don't even try to do that in regards to weight anymore.  It's worse than getting to know how the opposite sex  works!  

Starting weight                             338 lbs
last week weight                           266.5lbs
this week weight                           264 lbs
weight loss this week                      2.5 lbs
Total weight loss                            74 lbs

Woohoo! Can't believe it I'm doing it!!!!


  1. Sometimes when we push really hard one week our body retains some extra water to help us heal, so it takes a week for the work to show up. The minor inflammatory reaction is normal. The sorness was tons of microscopic tears in your muscles and fascia that happen when we work out really hard. Again, as long as you can still do daily activities, you are doing great.

    Keep up all your hard work and the results will keep happening, even it takes longer than you want.


  2. So, so, so, so, so excited!!!!! One more pound and you will be three quarters off of a hundred pounds. Amazing. so, so. so pleased for you :-)

  3. WOW!! 74lbs!!! that is soo exciting!! Prayin' for you!!