Sunday, February 13, 2011

Playing dress up???

As far as I'd remember I'd rather be riding atv's, fishing, camping, etc.  I don't ever remember a time when I was "girly."  I never like dolls that much,"in clothing", doing my hair, or makeup.  Knowing your accomplishing something for God, yourself, and those around you just brings such joy to your heart.  It encourages you in so many ways.  I pray that more people would know that God saw fit for this to be my journey on his time.  He had his reasons why the past "diets" didn't work besides they don't what make sense to me now.  On to the change I've experienced.  Thanks to a wonderful friend and co-journier I have some of her old clothes but new clothes to me.  Thanks a bunch Kathleen!!!  They aren't plain t-shirts and knit pants as I am used to.  I used them because they are easy to match and they kept growing with me up to that 4x.  Now I have shirts and pants made of different fabric and patterns.  Last night - I kept trying on different clothes to try and find a "outfit" for today!! I'm about to go do that again to find clothes for tomorrow!!! I've had makeup on for the past 3 days!!! That's after I had Fawn's help on try to figure out how to apply it and make it look good!  Thanks again Fawn!!!  I never realized I wanted to be "girly"!!!!!!


  1. Things sound like you are doing wonderful still. You inspire so many around you. Being "girly" is wonderful fun. I want to see pics of you looking all "girly".


  2. You may look girly but you what a beautiful girl you are! Just love the changes in your life!

  3. Oh Carolyn. You warm my heart everytime I read what you write or visit with you. You are indeed being transformed.