Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween......Trick or Treat

Well the past couple of days the kids have been at several Halloween celebrations.  So the candy has started to pour in.  Do I want any NO!  Do I love to take a smell, yes it's almost as if you can taste it.  Matter of fact there are places around where you can do this such thing.  My lifestyle specialist shows you just that take a look at this link.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwJyoIh3ssY    I do find the grocery store just the place.  Go by the bakery take in a great big sniff - the donut rack.  Its almost like your eating them but your stomach is full so there's one reason your not.  Another reason you won't be getting the calories from them but you can imagine you ate them.  This works great for me.  However, back to Halloween my children always set their goods on our tv when they want we ask and we approve of what they want.  My children don't get through their candy ever even with past help from mom and dad!!!  So this year I've made a deal with my children that we're only keeping half of the candy.  Especially since we dump what's left at Christmas time.  it's always over a grocery bag full.  There are dentists that will buy the candy at so much per pound, take and send it over to our troops over seas, or donate to a food pantry.  Just remember that the less candy the kids or you are putting in your mouth the better it is for their health and the better it is for their teeth.  This makes it easier for you to keep your family in good health and your wallets in better health.  You won't be spending as much at dentists or doctors.  Also Halloween is good - if you go with your children it's more exercise your getting walking around your neighborhood! 

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