Saturday, October 9, 2010


In our house today is bowling day for the kids.  The ritual is to skip breakfast and buy a double order of deep fried french fries with a bowl of nacho cheese and ketchup.  So we dip the fries in the cheese and then the ketchup.  The smell wasn't so overwhelming because my stomach had just eaten  previous to getting there.  I fed the boys as well.  We took a small snack for them and I would be due for my snack by the time we get home.  I did push that urge to eat fries away because my body was fueled with scrambled eggs and peppers and cereal with strawberries.  I didn't even crave them.  I had water to drink and gum with me just in case I had the urge to want to get some unhealthy food. 

However, I have encountered temptation at my house.  My husband Mark brought in dunkin donuts.  He did ask, he says I know it's not on your meal plan  - but since we aren't starting a new eating plan for us until this coming week - can I get some for him and the boys.  I said yes.  I figured if he was trying to trick me and see if I'm gonna fall...I'm gonna prove him wrong.  If he's not I know I had something sweet the week before I started this change in my life. 

Well off to exercise again.  Will update you later!  Keep on keeping the faith!

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