Friday, October 8, 2010

Is the food really that bad?

Well I thought that the food was going to be like cardboard, especially the whole wheat products. 
I actually think it has more flavor now that I know how to properly read a label and select some of the
best varieties of pasta, breads, and rice.  I had spaghetti for dinner.  I measured and weighed everything
out so that I stick to my menu plan.  The whole wheat pasta tasted great plain.  I topped it with diced chicken, diced tomatoes, and cauliflower.  I've had meals in restaurants where they charge close too
$15.00 for something like that however it didn't cost me nearly that amount.  A box of pasta will last more than 6 meals.  The sauce will last even longer than that.  Ofcourse your welcome to put anything in it you like.  For snack people warned me about the natural peanut butter.  I found it delicious there is no waiting to get used to the taste.  I probably would of turned my nose at most of this food, I believe that there is reason for this.  I'm really ready to change my life.  There are those out there who do have to get used to food.  I know I will have to get used to some vegetables and that's because I want to. 
(brussel sprouts, onions, and peppers) They aren't my favorite. 

I used to sleep whenever I could, now I want to be awake and alive.  I've even set the alarm early so I can get up and make my breakfast and keep on an eating schedule.  Then I put house cleaning, drs appointments, and exercise on my list.  Today besides my 2 half hours I decided while I was waiting for the pharmacy to fill my prescriptions I clocked out a 1.2 mile walk and my year old son and I walked it.  Having to stop about 5 or so times we did 1.2 miles  in 34 minutes.  I'm not sure how that compares next time I will take his stroller because I feel I could have gone faster without the stops and the further we got he tend to lag back while hanging on my hand. 


  1. Carolyn. I almost cried after I read this. It really touched my heart. You go girl!

  2. Have to admit, still turn my nose up at brussel sprouts, even with as healthy as I eat. Tried them many times, and just never did like them.
    You may find there are still some healthy food you come across that you just wont like. But most of them you will. Congrats and good luck on your journey.