Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wow....my tippy toes.

Everyone keeps saying that I can see you loosing weight in my face, my bottom, and people say when I turn sideways that they can see that my stomach's smaller. 

When your heavier and I think you need to loose more weight before it's noticeable.  It's noticeable to me in my fingers for one.  My wedding ring is alot looser than ever.  But the biggest part of it all is if I look straight down I can see the front part of my tippy toes!!!  That right there is a result of me working hard with my meal plans, exercise, and enjoying my new lifestyle. 

Another joy for me is learning how to cook homemade meals that my family with enjoy that's nutritious.  I think I might be getting good at cooking.  I think this was intended the way for me to change my life. 

Anxious for tomorrow!  Weigh in here we come!

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