Sunday, October 10, 2010

All those who you thought didn't care

I recently posted my journey to health on facebook where I have some church friends and other associates.   Today when I entered church I had so many people come up to me and hug me and tell me they were proud of me.  I didn't think there was many people who cared if I was overweight or not.   I mean you wouldn't think that it would matter to them as my weight wasn't hurting them.    These are peple who prayed for me, for my health, and my back pain.  Finally for all of us God has answered all our prayers.  He has shown me the way he wants me to get healthy and be an active member of society.  I know I can count on these people for when I feel down or possibly discouraged.  Now I know they're on my side praying that my journey is going to go smooth as possible and that I will adapt well.  They were proud of me for making a choice to live and live healthy.  To do something for myself.   To everyone I am grateful for the support.

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