Thursday, October 28, 2010

The things that are taken for granted

I used to think nothing of it when I was able to stand at the sink and do a load of dishes.  Well I lost that ability due to a mixture of things.  Things like being overweight, back pain, and laziness.  I used to have to sit at the sink in a chair and do the dishes.  Since I've started working out and eating healthy I have been able to stand at the counter and do the dishes. 

Another thing that I once took for granted and have since lost  is taking a shower while standing up.  Reasons why I can't stand up and take a shower are  the chance I may fall, the back pain gets worse, and the fact that at my size I currently can't wash all of my body from an upright position.  It really bothers me to reach to wash my feet. 

These are some goals I have set to be able regain normal function.  As soon as I accomplish some more of my goals I will let you know. 

If any of you are having problems with normal daily function I encourage you to look at all aspects of your life and see what changes you can make to make your life more comfortable. 


  1. Carolyn You are doing great! I know we take things for granted all the time. I am praying that you continue on your journey and that it gets easier. I am proud of you! Love ya!

  2. Carolyn. I so appreciate your transparency. I know you are going to do this and accomplish your goals. You are one determined gal, and I'm more proud of you than you can possibly imagine. Keep on keeping on!