Friday, October 8, 2010

What a day!!

Went shopping this morning, you wouldn't believe when they say whole wheat they don't really mean it.  You really need to investigate what your putting in your mouths.   What usually takes me 30 minutes to run through the grocery store for 1-1.5 carts of food took me over 2 hours to get 1/4th of a cart filled with nutritious food.  I can't wait until it becomes natural for me to stroll down the aisles and pick up what  know is healthy and nutritious for the best price.  Then came home prepped all the food that I could.  Wrapped things individually, cut up my vegetables and fruit measured them and stored them in small ziploc baggies in the fridge.  This will help make  preparing meals and snacks much easier and faster.   It's all about making your new lifestyle convenient for you, so you don't stray from it.   I Decided that since my used treadmill I bought doesn't function properly seems to have a short in it where it speeds up uncontrollably I would take advantage of this beautiful God given day and take our almost 3 year old son and 6 month old border collie on a walk while waiting for my oldest son to get off the school bus.  Boy what a challenge but I got it in.  The dog wanted to go one way the kid wanted to go another.  In the midst of that I got stung by a bee so my pain block for this even was rescheduled to make sure I didn't have a allergic reaction.  In my fridge I have designated a shelf for my food - if others want they can ask but for this week since the budget is low so I'm concentrated on myself who's fully committed in changing my life.  For the rest of my family I think it will be more of a gradual process.    When I woke this morning my muscles were a little sore but nothing compared to what I thought they would feel like.  I still have the drive to go on, to persevere, to enrich my life, and to be a success.  I will conquer these unhealthy issues.  Thanks to everyone for the encouragement and support.  This journey is something new for me and I am completely grateful for your continued support.  Carolyn

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  1. This is awesome!! Praying for you on your journey.