Friday, October 15, 2010

Well I've been trying to get all of my body healthy which includes my back.  So I've been seeing a chiropractor and pain doctor.  Today my pain doctor gave me a pain injections which is similar to the one ladies take advantage of during labor.  However, shortly after that I felt this extreme headache.  I could have a spinal leak.  Where cerebral spinal fluid is leaking out causing headaches.  The pain is much worse when you sit up or are exposed to light.  Sometimes they clot on there own with lots of rest and fluids.  They tell you to eat or drink caffeine but as I've had one of these before and the caffeine didn't help I chose not to put that stuff in my body this time.  Other times you need to go in and they take your blood and give you another injection in the back where they try to clot it with the blood. 

I'm going through these things because I'm overweight and can't wait until I can say that my weight is no longer affecting my back or many other things.  Fawn feels as though I'm detoxing.  Like an alcoholic this would detox from alcohol I'm detoxing from large amounts of high caloried food and soda.  I can't wait to get rid of the bad night sleeps and all the other symptoms that I'm going through.  I'm not going to all this to over take me.  I'm in control of how I handle these problems and I'm not giving in.  I also look at these things are trials to see if I'm going to slip back into my old habits.  I want the Lord to have all the glory from journey as he lined up the appropriate way and people to put in my life so that I may have the chance at  knowing what a healthy life is.  I will not succumb to satan's way of trying to control me.  No matter how much pain or how hard life can be with this journey the Lord still gives me hope in every area of my life.  "This is the day that LORD has made I will rejoice and be glad in it. "   I wish you all could experience a little bit of the piece that I have been given knowing that this is what was meant for me.  That foods that I would normally eat have no pull over me right now. 

With this vomiting and illness that is taking place I hope that my weigh in day will go as I want.  I'm doing what I can and I will be glad with continuing my journey no matter what. 


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