Friday, October 29, 2010

I ate at McDonald's!!!!


Today we were downtown when our breaks went on my husbands truck.  We were going down to drop something off and then come right home so I didn't bring a snack or lunch or anything.  Sooooo.... what did I have to eat?  We have subway right next to our mcdonald's so I went to subway bought my food and then went in with the rest of the family to mcdonalds to eat - as none of them would hear of having a healthy sub even a less healthy sub for lunch.  The normal things at mcdonalds that used to appeal to me didn't.  The smells that I used to find comforting and welcoming when you walk in almost made want to walk out.  Eventhough some of my family didn't want to eat healthy doesn't mean I still can't.  Remember even if your family isn't following along with a healthier plan doesn't mean that you can't.  It's all about what you want.  What do you want bad enough?  I want life, do you?


  1. Good Job!!! So proud of you....check with Fawn about maybe a grilled chicken salad, no dressing, and water for mcdonalds...keep meaning to ask her. but it is great that subway is right next door that is soo much better for you!!! NO cheese right!!!??? Love you! You are awesome.

  2. No, I had whole wheat roll, turkey, tomatoe, cucumber, lettuce, mustard, and a few bannanna pepper rings actually (6)and some olive oil. I have tried a couple of salads without dressing at home - it's ok if i have tomatoe - cause it creates a little moisture but i do like it with just the vinegar too