Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Amazing, I think I am already healthier!!

I have a numerous amount of medical problems.  Some including hiatal hernia, acid reflux, and esophageal ulcers.  I have been on medication for years for this and have always had to adod t the treatment by using tums which are very high in sugar.  I used tums almost everyother day some times more than once a day.  I've been on this journey for 2 weeks and haven't had to have one !! I'm so glad as  the heartburn just disturbed me and was very painful at times.

On another note I was at the chiropractor this evening and I called home to have my husband preheat the oven for dinner.  I got home and I seen boxed mac n cheese and hot dogs with white rolls  for the kids.  However, we had previously talked about what we were having for dinner.  One temptation I loved  box mac n cheese.  However, it didn't even smell good.  This would have been one of my favorite food items I thought would of had me saying "one bite won't hurt."  It didn't appeal to me and I didn't say that so I moved on with my evening and had my fish pocket.

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