Monday, October 18, 2010

Weigh in #2 down!!!!.....................

Well this week has been an eventful one.  I'm still very encouraged on  my journey to health and weight loss.  That is because 1)  I know my God has but me on this path 2) I have a great life coach who take emails, texts, and phone calls anytime.  I think sometimes I forget about the time difference between where we live.  3) I have people around me who are choosing to support me, my family, my church family, friends, and people I have never met who follow this blog. I know I am blessed to have the support that I do.  I was talking with a friend last night who is just filled with the Lord's spirit and he has reminded me to be open to realizing and letting God show me what makes valuable.  I know that he is starting that within me.  I have no desire to have other unhealthy foods that I have decided not to have in my body and I know that peace came from within my Lord.  If you are wanting some food that used to be part of your unhealthy self you can find a healthy way to make it.  No seriously!  
Getting down to business....

Starting weight                       338 lbs
last week weight                    324 lbs
this week weight                    315 lbs
this week weight loss                 9 lbs
total weight loss with fawn      23 lbs

Positives this week

I have been told by some they are starting to see some weight loss in my face
I have been told by some that they are seeing a difference if I'm standing sideways
I have proud of myself to sticking with this contract I have made with God, Fawn, and all of you
I have denied foods that would have tempted me before
I am glad to have the support and encouragement that everyone offers.

Delays this week

I had a pain block that caused me some pain that where I was unable to do some walking
I had some vomitting issues, which I pray are still behind me.  However, have decided it's ok if  it revisits me as I will get through it.

Love to all,



  1. WOW!!! I am sooo proud of you!!! You did awesome! Keep up the good work...I am here if you need me! Love Kathleen

  2. Carolyn, So proud of you for sticking to it!! We are all cheering you on!!!!! You can do it :)