Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chili turnout

I made that chili today and I had onions and peppers that i purred first and put in as i was browning the turkey.  I used organic kidney beans and my son who usually doesn't like the beans loved them !!  My boys didn't even know that the peppers and onions were in there.  They commented that it was real juicy and the meat tasted really good!!  I have decided not to tell them what was in there if they're eating it then there is  no problems.  Not to mention I loved it.  However, my hubby wouldn't try it..... maybe eventually he'll try some of my cooking.  It's not that it's healthier so much but I've scared him with some of my past attempts at cooking. 


  1. Too funny what they dont know wont hurt them!!! You are doing great. Very proud of you!!!

  2. I'm following you best I can while on vacation down here in the southland. You are being prayed for and cheered on. Words can't express the sense of pride I feel in what you are doing and accomplishing girl. Keep it up!
    p.s. Your husband missed out on some great chili I'm sure. his loss!