Thursday, October 21, 2010

my hubby and family

Well, when we used to be out we would stop and get something to eat even if it was a dollar burger from you know where.  Now my husband is respecting my choice of bringing my snacks with me and making sure I'm home in time for my meals.  He is also trying some of the food I'm making which if you know me is unbelievable because I have been known to burn water!! Seriously!

He is also helping to enforce with me to the kids what options that have for food.  They are slowly adapting.  My husband has also came up with some ideas on things he would like to see changed about the kid's nutrition.  Things I was willing to let them have because they enjoy it.  Like those deep fried french fries covered in nacho cheese and ketchup for breakfast on saturday mornings at bowling.  I was willing to let them have them every now and then but he said he'd just like them to stop having them especially since its in the morning.  I have been cooking for them every saturday morning since I have began to change my life.  Which never happened before.  

I'm beginning to enjoy cooking and coming up with other healthier ways to make the food that the rest of my family enjoys.  I'm currently working on a healthy meal options for my church's harvest dinner.  I will post pictures and information regarding the dinner closer to the time.  Dinner is at 6pm on November 13th if anyone wants to stop in and try a spin on healthier thanksgiving options.  Get some inspiration to make your families thanksgiving a little more healthy without them knowing .

Enjoy!!  Carolyn

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