Saturday, October 16, 2010

To Everyone

There is potential for great things to happen here and the devil is trying to do all  he can to convince me that it's not worth it...
What the people in my life don't realize is, if I don't change my life, my last years will be miserable...I  have yet to experience truly living a life of productivity and joy...this is something that I'm  doing for me and my family...  I'm hanging on and push through.

 If  I don't change my life...I can honestly say that I do not think I will watch my kids grow up.  Both my doctor and my life coach said that if I don't change they don't think I'll make it to see my kids grown up.  That being said, what I'm fighting for is my life...and I'm telling other people that they could and should fight too.

If people don't like what you have to say, then they don't have to listen.  I want to be able to carry out God's plan for my life. 

I have taken care of many overweight people during my time of being a nurse and I choose not to die like that.  They are uncomfortable  and it's hard for them to move around get clothes on some have to have clothes cut up there back and then sit in the wheelchair so it doesnt' show there are many bed sores you get from just being heavy and unable to move well.  Also if I carry on eating unhealthy food I wouldn't be getting the right nutrients to heal a body properly. 
Love Everyone


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  1. You are soo right....don't let others discourage you. You are not doing this for them you are doing it for you and your family. Those precious children deserve a healthy mommy!!! You can do it I believe in you!!!