Friday, October 29, 2010

Texas Roadhouse a privelage and a challenge

This is me at Texas Roadhouse.  I have a problem sitting in a booth.  Previous to this trip I had gut hanging on top of the table.  I had started my life change 2 1/2 weeks before this picture.  Now I'm able to sit in the booth and not have the table squeeze my stomach between the back of the seat.  I will occasionally go and take a picture of me in the same booth so we can compare as my journey continues.

Here is what I had at Texas Roadhouse to eat. 

I ordered the barbeque's chicken without bbq sauce without marinade just cooked in natural juices.  Then I cut it in half.  The half portion is what you see on my plate.  Steamed broccoli without butter or anything on it.  One half of a sweet potato no oil, butter, or sugar.  Horseradish that I use to mash with my sweet potato.  I never had eaten a sweet potato my entire life.  But they are great.  I can't believe how well I "LOVE" them.  I actually just take a piece of broccoli, chicken, and scoop of sweet potato.  the best way to eat it and it's so flavorful.  This meal is approximately  400 calories.  The meal I used to get from there which would be the chicken critter meal with lots of honey mustard sauce, a loaded baked potato of bacon, cheese, double butter and sour cream, and a salad with extra cheese, croutons, and extra dressing.  I can't even begin to approximate the calorie intake of my old meal due to the way the chicken is cooked and breaded or the salad as the dressing is homemade along with the croutons.  Not to mention I would eat about 4 rolls with alot of cinnamon butter.  All I know is I was content that my food filled my stomach, that I had another whole dinner left over for another meal, and that I'm enjoying my foods instead of what I used to do is smother them in butter or cheese sauce, or dunk everything in another sauce.  I really cherish the vegetables and fruit that comes from our earth and I can't believe I disguised the real taste of my food before.


  1. Wow Carolyn! This post was great--and beautifully written. I am amazed at your attitude and determination. Bless you!

  2. You look so beautiful!! What a difference in all of you since I saw you last. I cant wait to see you in person again. You are glowing!! That is only at 2 1/2 weeks...I cant believe the change...You go girl!!! So proud of you!!!