Monday, January 24, 2011

Weigh in #15

So as this week goes and as times goes on weight loss is supposed to get slower and slower I know.  However you want to do what you can to do it as fast as you can.  Be patient it will come off is what I'm told.  Two weeks ago, I wasn't able to do much because of hip pain.  Now that I have had hip injections and still have pain meds when I need it this week I was able to swim.  Changing what you eat and how you exercise can help motivated your body to loose.  Remember that's using different muscles and burning different cardio wise.  So........

Starting weight                       338 lbs
last week weight                    277 lbs
This week weight                   270 lbs
Weight loss this week             7 lbs
Total weight loss                    68 lbs
lbs to loose for goal                1 lb
weeks till goal                         1 lb
New goal for next week          2 lbs  for a total of 70 lbs in 16 weeks!!!

I have never lost this much weight yet alone kept it off!!!! Eating and exercising right helps!!!


  1. once again you are showing yourself and everyone else that when you put your into you can do anything you want. i am so very proud of you and your progress keep it up. love to you.

  2. I hadn't checked in a while and what wonderful progress! As for the emotional--it does need to be dealt with separately. a private journal can help. Remember Romans 12:2 Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. If a thought is bothering you--ask if it is true--from God's perspective measure it up to Scripture as in Phil. 4:8
    praying for you,
    Lissa's Mom

  3. Fawn called before I read this so I knew about the weight loss. What an encouragement that must be! And what Laurie wrote is right on. I'm with you Carolyn. And I'm here.

  4. You are doing just great! How I am amazed at your determination and your accomplishment. You are a wonderful example for others! Keep it up!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! YOU are such an inspiration to me!!! Oh I so Love Ya!!! Keep on Keepin' on! =)

  6. Wow Carolyn!!!! That is great!! We are Praying for you. Hopefully you will be able to start sleeping better, and I hope the injections will help you!!!!

  7. I love you Carolyn! You make my heart smile! : )