Saturday, January 22, 2011

A new promise, A new hope!!

So excited.  I've been excited before.  I think it's gonna happen this time!! My husband Mark is overweight as well.  We used to take pride in eating together.  Eating lots of food together.  Today he asked me if I could start him on a Fawn way of eating this Monday.  I'm so happy!  I'm trying not to look excited.  He has been known to start things or attempt to start things and not carry through.  I did the same thing.  I believe he seems me and how much I've lost, how clothes are fitting differently, and then I'm happy with all the types of food I'm eating.  **I ask you to pray** that he's catching on here.  He only usually eats once a day and we will be not just changing his food but the routine about the food (eating 6 times a day).  As all of us who don't eat healthy we usually have addictions to things.  His addictions are soda and salt.  That will be a challenge for him.  We will work it out.  He also doesn't like to plan his food ahead. He likes to eat what he wants when he's hungry.  I told him for now until he learns how to balance his meals on his own, we'll plan things out so it will be easier for him to stick to it.  If he joins in on a healthier way of eating not only will it help him but enforce it with our children and our family members around us.  My desire is for it to spread throughout the world.  It's definitely a blessing to me.  Could it be to you too?

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