Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Some changes among many...

There are many changes happening outside of who I am, yet inside.  Great changes, changes I've never experienced before.  I will welcome any more changes like this that are in the works. 

First set of changes:  I posted before that I could see my tippy toes while walking.  Now I can look down as see my feet - all of it.  It's been hard for kids to sit on my lap because it once was filled with rolls of fat.  The rolls are there still but it's alot less roll.  My kids can sit on my lap and be comfortable without falling off.  It's more comfortable for me to have them sit there as well because they aren't sitting on my knees.  This is a great thing for me.  It makes me want to keep going to see what else I can do.  What other things are to come.  This is a big success!!!! I'm so proud of myself!!! Now that there - being proud is a whole other change.

As I said above, the other changes I'm talking about it learning how to deal with opposition or issues in my life that led me to eat before.  I would go through pits of despair where I felt like I didn't deserve the things that were happening to me or the promise of God's gift of salvation.  I looked at it like it's just me - theres nothing he can want about me.  I'm looking at life entirely different.  I feel differently about things.  I feel like I'm worth investing my time and energy into getting healthy. God would have wanted this.  He wants us to respect the body he has given us.  If I ate healthy and didn't loose weight I think that would be fine.  I think that I'm going to try to be the best I can since he has given me this precious life.   I have something valuable to offer others.  I'm going to share it.  Faith is growing from within me.  My light is getting lit!  I'm on fire now, on fire for him. 

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  1. i am just so proud of you and i know there are so many other people proud of you. your heart is so big you think of others more often than you thank of your self but you are learning to think of your self more often and how you feel about what is happening to your body and what is going on in your life and your body. you are everyones encouragement. i love you for the person that you are. love you